(Finally) a new release.

Holyland 131 (!Holy131) – This begins volume 14. There’s four more flashback chaps, then the final arc of the series begins. If everything goes well, we’ll have some more chapters this week because Nitouryu has a little time on his hand to do some cleaning.

If you’re a lazy shit and don’t want to come on IRC, Holyland’s on the online reader. You’re welcome, jerk! `-‘)

The End Of a Friendship (!TheEnd) – A short oneshot from the Itaitashii Love oneshot collection volume by Nananan Kiriko (Mangaka of Blue). The work was done by eito, so go thank him.

All videos/images added on this post are from the Russian, not me.

PS: Still looking for raws for Shamo ch64+. If any of you find some, contact me.

11 Thoughts to “(Finally) a new release.”

  1. ShamoFan#1

    Theres only one source Shamo raws come from and they haven't had anything since 263, looking into getting a subscription to Evening and just handling the scans myself.

  2. randomname

    Many thanks guys! Great (Holyland) release as always.

  3. Big Boy

    Thanks for the releases! You da best. Happy to hear the end of Holyland is in sight. I'd REALLY hate it if it became one of those over saturated series that never ended. LOOKIN' AT YOU IPPO

  4. D

    Hey, if you really need it – I can buy some Shamo tankobons. Live in Japan right now, yeah. PS Thanks for Holyland.

  5. FingHeadache

    Thank you

  6. Thebear

    A thousan thanks for thw Releases. P.S. I hope Illuminati manga one day Translates The two Remaining Homunculus Volumes Greetings From Skandinavien

  7. Unknown

    I agree with Thebear as I wish to also be able to read the two remaining Homunculus volumes. Also thanks for the releases especially Holyland. 🙂

  8. Peace Walker

    @D The new chapters haven't been released in a tankobon yet.

  9. Mrt123

    Thanks for holyland!!

  10. ilovekazehikaru

    Do you plan to do any other works by Nananan Kiriko?

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