New releases, with 100% less fag-related content. (See post below)

Hey Russian!

What the fuck, dohg!

So today, a single volume release. Btw, I know some of you have PM’ed me on the forums, I’m sorry for not replying. I’ve just been busy. I promise I’ll find the time tomorrow night.

Full Metal Panic Sigma v13 (!Sigma13) – The good news? This concludes the current arc, the before-to-last arc. And what an arc is it. The bad news? There’s something like 16 chapters of stuff that’s essentially flashbacks, starting from ch56 in this volume. So from ch56 to chapter 71, roughly 3-4 full volumes, there will be next to zero story progression.


We at Illuminati are all very proud and excited by Gears coming out of the closet moment. Clap-clap-clap. Picture always related © Nit

12 Thoughts to “New releases, with 100% less fag-related content. (See post below)”

  1. molto

    thx for another great volume. ughh about upcoming volumes, so 3 background stories coming up eh…

  2. Thanks

    Thanks for the new chapters !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Cenit

    I love you guys. Thanks for the Sigma. Looking forward to vol.15+16 (DVMC xmas Arc). Its indeed set before the events of chapter 17 onwards but hell its my absolute favorit arc of them all. Keep it going. Give us a v15 xmas present <3 Thanks a lot!

  4. anciv

    Thank you a lot!

  5. Peace Walker

    Again with the ponies? Give me some Homunculus and we'll be cool

  6. Deus_Gear

    no. more ponies. always more ponies.

  7. Juan

    Rah-rah for the Holy-F'n-Land and "Homo"-F'n-culus. :laughing:

  8. ben

    Thank you for the FMP

  9. Peace Walker

    I am 12 and why did he come out of the closet? did he want to spook his sister?

  10. djDj76

    thanxs fot the fmp bro! 😎 :w00t:

  11. darts

    Any news as in when is the manga ending?

  12. Zelloss

    Very thanks for this volume, i love chidori and sousuke. :w00t:

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