Website Updated

Okay after a year and a half of asking me I’ve finally updated the website per GGpX request. Now all the staff people will get the credit they deserve and the links point to where they need to go.

Finally I can finally get some peace (this was done at 1 am… on a saturday).

Edit: someone said more ponies? You got it peace walker.

16 Thoughts to “Website Updated”

  1. jabh

    any update to getting shamo 64?

  2. Klo

    *Now all the staff people will get the credit they deserve* No i'm not in it :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

  3. Deus_Gear

    Klo: i'll ask ggpx

  4. Peace Walker

    A pony? Are you serious? Seriously?

  5. Sayuri_Ume

    Your not the only one Klo, I was missed too. Nevermind lol

  6. Brony

    @peacewalker are you the mad sir?

  7. Peace Walker

    Not at all, just sad.

  8. wigo

    Would it be possible to get the new volumes of Homunculus done by the 30th? It would be fantastic if you did. Thanks for all the hard work you put into your projects, guys. Keep up the good work!

  9. Glueballs

    ^^ Wow not only does the leacher ask for more releases but he sets a deadline. This is just to perfect.

  10. Lukis

    Ha Ha cmon Wigo.Be patient,it will be released when it's ready.It's not like you just live for Homunculus,enjoy life till then.

  11. xyz85-mvb9

    Oh my goodness, that's one of the most mind-twisting goddamn videos my eyes have ever seen.

  12. Peace Walker

    That's lovely, but I'd rather see my name on news about Homunculus 🙁 Thanks, anyway

  13. Nitouryu

    DeusGear will get raped by Satan in hell for these atrocities :crazy:

  14. Deus_Gear

    Your resistance will only make me post more ponies.

  15. Deus_Gear

    No but really send ggpx a message or pm me in the irc chan with your info and ill update the staff page again.

  16. Bleh

    Far, that video is as sick as Stop the Bitch Campaign.

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