It’s Sunday! And that means…!


I did say that the release would be earlier this week, but sheesh, sometimes stuff happens.

Anyway, there’s a bit of everything.

Boku to Issho 40 (!BTI40) – A gag manga! (Only 8 chaps left)

DoLL 11 (!DoLL11) – This is one of the very things that we release that I don’t work on in some way, shape or form. The series has a total of 14 chapters, and the releases will sporadic. So don’t be expecting us to finish it next week. That said, if you like the series, go thank arpad & pnyxtr in #mangascreener since they did all of the work.

Holyland 130 (!Holy130) – Aaaand this concludes volume 13. Here’s hoping we can work on v14 a little faster. No promises, though.

Jackals 43 (!Jack43) – Another series that we should be working on more but for whatever reason (Nitouryu) it just hasn’t happened as much as we’d like. .-.

Samon (!Samon) – And now, something for the bitches. Okay, first, I’d like to say that this was the project we were doing between Wolf Guy volumes 9 & 10. It was done by the same author-artist combo as Wolf Guy & Akumetsu. With those two making a samurai manga, you’d think that there’d be tons of head chopping and badass art and stuff. Right? It took a lot longer to do than we thought, because… Well… Let’s just say, we all make stupid mistakes at times. Doing this series was definitely one of them. At least it was only one volume long.

Sengoku 27 (!Sen27) – Some more samurai shit. Who doesn’t like samurai shit?

Sidonia 13 (!Sido13) – Elkin is sorta back. She’ll finish t/l checking volume 2 and we’ll be re-releasing that next.


[Edit] PS, I’m still looking for a Shamo 64 raw. If someone ever gets a hand on it, upload on sendspace and email me so we can start working on it.

[Edit 2] It was supposed to be part of the original release, but the kind people fromΒ Deadbeat-ScansΒ weren’t around so I just had to wait for them to show.

Rookies 197 (!Rook197) – Top of the ninth, here we go!

33 Thoughts to “It’s Sunday! And that means…!”

  1. Shogun

    Samon looks really good. no homo

  2. Tex

    >.> How do I read Samon? I can't find it anywhere 😑

  3. andy

    thanks for releases, hopely the next releases is shamo :tongue:

  4. GGpX

    @Tex Install mIRC and then click IRC at the top of the page. Or if you have Firefox, install Chatzilla and click on IRC at the top of the page.

  5. Tex

    @GGpX Thanks πŸ˜€

  6. Golgo13

    Still waitin' for Mephisto πŸ™‚

  7. randomname

    Many thanks for Holyland! Keep it up, only a few volumes left πŸ˜‰

  8. rollingnakedsnake

    we all love samurai shiet, thanks for the releases.

  9. HanaRenka

    Thank you for Samon! :oD

  10. grittygloom

    Thanks for Sidonia, can't wait for the rest of the volume.

  11. shiki

    thx for boku to issho .. and i'm sad it'll end soon >.< .. but thx for the hard work πŸ™‚

  12. gumbo

    @GGpX Thank you for the info about Firefox and Chatzilla. Unfortunately, my ISP blocks IRC. I'd hoped that Chatzilla might bypass it since irc doesn't, but it still wouldn't connect, even trying to use alternat DNS like Google DNS πŸ™ Are there any web-based irc clients that allow dcc downloads but use http?

  13. Sapphy

    Thanks so much for doing more Jackals!

  14. sidoniafag

    Sidonia! :w00t: aaawwww yeeaahhh

  15. Justinijan

    Man ,finaly finaly get something more to read of holy and jackals πŸ˜€ fucking awesome ty for the hard work

  16. Nitouryu

    In what kind of 3rd rate country ISP still blocks IRC and the like??? oh.. USA, Verizon.. the only way I can help – uploaded Samon on illu reader:

  17. jubbi

    thanks for samon!

  18. yeahiro

    finally jackals! thank you very much, but please finish this series as soon as possible.

  19. Nitouryu

    We will finish volume 6 in a month. Pinky promise.

  20. hurf

    More Sidonia, brilliant! Thanks for your work.

  21. B1

    Many thanks for resurrecting 'Doll' – I'd just about lost hope this one would be finished. Damn funny manga.

  22. Thebear

    hallelujah hallelujah HALLELUJAH baby Thanks for tje Holyland Release man A thousand Thanks

  23. Icedman

    Fuck you GGpX… Nitouryou wasn't lazy… truth is ITSed it up to chapter 47. GG is just too lazy to QC it

  24. Peace Walker

    I'd like to see more Homunculus in your news. Come on, guys, only 2 volumes left πŸ™

  25. hamburglar

    Wait, Homunculus is done in Japan? Hot dog, fellas.

  26. relican

    I am incredibly grateful for DoLL, so thank you very much.

  27. Shamanking96

    :w00t: Thanks for Jackals 43. Thanks Nitouryu

  28. Peace Walker

    @hamburglar Yep. The series ended on Volume 15.

  29. teru ter

    Oo Sidonia.. thanks very much for your work! My, izana looks good.

  30. Arpad

    Thanks For posting DOLL!…….when can we expect the next volume of HOMUNCULUS?

  31. ShamoFan#1

    Still no Shamo 264/265 raws online, hopefully that will be resolved in short order.

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