Rookies 195-196 (!Rook195 & !Rook196)

Btw, I hope to have another release either tomorrow night or Tuesday night.

It’ll include a one volume series (Assuming we finish it) and two chapters of other series. It’s a samurai manga and it’s… different. The first and most likely last time we’ll ever do something like this.


PS. Still looking for a Shamo ch64 raw. If you find one, contact me. Or just post in the comments. I’m tired, good night!

6 Thoughts to “Rookies”

  1. almuth

    thank you for releases. when will we be able to read Jackals? been waiting it for a long time now..

  2. Thebear

    Thanks for the Release man Excited for the sECRET "Oneshot" Volume your going to Release man. Also Looking Forward for the next Chapter of Holyland Peace

  3. derp

    C'meerreeeeeeee Shamo!

  4. zaphod

    Awww, brah, still no raw Shamo scans? I tried a quick Google search– couldn't find anything. Is there like, a site in particular that offers Shamo raws? It doesn't seem like its popularity's risen back to where it was before it went on hiatus, so that could be why.

  5. Lukis

    Yup Shamo raw's are nowhere to found :sad:..also what's with forum I tried to apply as Typesetter but my Topic isnt there,guess Admin didnt like it 😀

  6. AleXxX

    what happened with Holyland asshole ?

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