Fuck the Bruins.


Fuck their Bruins and their fairwheather fans who prefer hits over goals and fights over wins.

Signed, the rest of us.


Holyland 118-120 (!Holy118 !Holy119 !Holy120) – Concludes volume 12, need a translator.

Jackals 42 (!Jack42) – With the Latvian back, I hope we can get more releases of this.

Rookies 193 (!Rook193) Thanks as usual to the people in Deadbeat-Scans for their help on this series.


17 Thoughts to “Fuck the Bruins.”

  1. Ncrdrg

    Oh thanks! Glad to see Jackals back on track! ^_^

  2. Dervsss

    GO CANUCKS! And awesome chapters, again. Thanks for the great releases!

  3. YK

    AWESOME. Thanks for the Holyland. Can't wait for volume 13.

  4. EscFate

    Nice chapter of Holyland – can't wait to see the actual fight. It's great to see Kamishiro finally get his confidence =D Thanks guys

  5. Sorarin

    Thanks! Can't wait to see what happens next in Holyland!

  6. randomname

    Thanks for the releases! /me rushes to read Holyland and Rookies

  7. spikexp

    Damn, I can't wait for the fight in holyland. I hope you find a good translator soon so that you can continue this awesome manga.

  8. 3xtr4

    Thanks a LOT for Holyland!

  9. Nico

    Hope Full Metal soon :whistle: Fuck Bruins!

  10. Devastation

    Thanks for Holyland and Jackals.

  11. Bruins Rulez!!

    Go BRUINS!!! :pff:

  12. Pyro

    Thanks for holyland guys. Damn the clifhanger

  13. GodlyUlti

    Thanks for holyland! Keep it up guys 😀

  14. song

    why didn't anyone mention Rookies! It's a farking great manga!

  15. Shamanking96

    :w00t: Jackals . Thank You Wholeheartedly Illuminati-Manga . 🙂 :innocent:

  16. Grim

    Thank you for Jackals!!! Please let it be your #1 priority there are only 2 volumes left so I really would want to finish reading it before retiring from reading mangas.

  17. Rstyspr

    Thanks for picking Rookies back up, you people are fucking Kings. I can't wait for the rest of vol. 20, keep up the awesome work.

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