Fuck the Canucks.

Yeah, you too, cocksuckers.

Your team filled with pussy-ass motherfuckers, led by twin women and goalie’d by an overrated, grease-magnet St. Leonard Eyetalian. (St. Leonard is a small neighborhood in Montreal where all the Eyetalians stay and do their illegal shit)

Not to mention your fans are the definition of people who jump on and off a band wagon on a whim’s notice.

This playoffs series has been the two douchiest franchises & fanbases in all of the NHL. I wish a nuke would drop at 9PM EST tomorrow night and destroy both teams and thousands of Canuck fans. Gary Bettman too, please. I also don’t know what’s worst, the thought of having Maxim Lapierre & Alex Burrows’ names on the Cup or having Milan Lubitch and Zdeno “The Neckbreaker” Chara’s names on it. Both are nauseating.

Fuck both your teams, cocksuckers.

Sidonia no Kishi Volume 01 (!Sido01) – Volume re-release for chaps 1-5. We’ve cleaned volume 02, just waiting for Elkin to t/l check with the tankobon to see if there are any changes to be made.

Sidonia no Kishi 12 (!Sido12) – Yeah, sorry about the delay. We finally have someone to work on the release, thank you xyz85-mvb9 .-, So once Elkin translates more chaps, we’ll have more releases. I’ll also re-release ch11 with my tankobon scans at some point as well.

Enjoy, and fuck both the Bruins & Canucks.

21 Thoughts to “Fuck the Canucks.”

  1. ginco

    yes!! oh god yes!! sidonia is your best ongoing project

  2. Ozan

    Yes!!!! I love you Guys and Gals

  3. derp

    yay cydonia \(º_º)/

  4. LOHS

    I second that yay, Sidonia rocks. Even the drama is so campy it's good =)

  5. Bedlam

    Fuck yes! Seriously been looking forward to Sidonia. Much appreciated

  6. W

    will this thing be on reader?

  7. finally

    yes.. YES! Next chapter when? :tongue: I think Sidonia is by far one of the best manga I'm currently reading; Sci-Fi-wise it is the best. Thanks guys.

  8. niheifan

    Thank you xyz85-mvb9 and everyone else who helped released this. Sidonia rocks. 😎

  9. Thebear

    …and so i sat there and read then I saw it….the laughter plkus the rage of the writing comming on to me All hail Iluminati manga

  10. confuzzled

    is there anyway to dl this on here or on some other site that have them up to dl?

  11. confuzzled

    never mind I found a site that does

  12. Kaiser-on-a-Bun

    Bruins are up 3-nil and it's already the third period. Canucks can't match that, not with only 20 min.

  13. Anon

    About damn time.

  14. xyz85-mvb9

    @Anon What about learn how to edit and join the team? Oh, sure, whining about slow releases is easier than starting to be useful.

  15. song

    i see the manga updated, but where can i read them from?

  16. Punky Brewster

    Next Wolf Guy update? Sorry to bug but these terrible OCScans are really getting on my last nerve, fuck them and fuck Bruins!

  17. Dumblefuck

    Thanks for the uplad, might wanna update that project section. I guess it's another 2 or so months till the next release of Holyland…..

  18. el

    @Dumblefuck: yeah, or more. They need a translator for this atm, but not sure if they've found one 🙁

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