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Hello Readers,

If some of you followed our news – at the end of February my Acer laptop went to better hunting fields and I was left with no abilities to continue working on Scanlations. This of course affected a lot of projects as I’m taking part in most of them(most of the ongoing stuff was on laptop).

Well, GOOD NEWS. after 3 months of scrapping money(underpaid&overworked east european here) I bought MSI CR630 laptop. It does the job perfectly and I hope it holds out longer that 2 years. I have also retrieved all my files from old laptop.

Big thanks to Linus, William and Marco for chipping in and helping me buy it.
Real can’t put it into words how much it means to me guys, so I will let the scans speak:

Holyland c117 (trigger on irc: !Holy117)

Some relevant updates:
Holyland – Should have a steady stream of chapters for now, but we need a Seinen translator as Molokidan quit translation.

Suicide Island – In works, I’m still deciding if I will do a volume or chapter releases.

Jackals – This one is reviving too. I just haven’t gotten around to it.

Boku to Issho – Final v4 is cleaned and should be done by the end of the Summer.

Are MSI laptops good, or am I to be expecting some troubles?

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  1. el

    meh, it's a computer worthy of a couple of months, if not years. But trouble will always be there, like the fan going broke and sounding like hell or the battery giving you hell when you're not connected to a charger. But I think you can do some magic with that one 🙂 thanks for the releases

  2. The Bear

    BABY whats up man Back in the game i see. Also about your Laptop. You going to fine my translator. Wish you all the luck baby Dearly folks from Sweden

  3. hmpas

    as long its not acer or compaq. heheh. Thanks for the releases.

  4. el

    @hmpas; or toshiba….. ugh….

  5. randomname

    1) Thanks for the Holyland chapter. The next fight will be awesome! 2) For Suicide Island: Volume releases please. It suits better the slow-paced nature of the manga. Reading such manga in batches increases the enjoyment, IMO. And I don't have the self-control necessary for waiting for the chapters to pile up. Plus, volume releases are easier to archive. 3) "underpaid&overworked" ? I can relate to that somehow… Anyway, you could buy an external drive pretty cheap (even cheaper if it is a 3.5" one) and use automated synchronization software once or twice a week to take backups (I tend to do that manually myself, but…). Some reliability advice: (a) Always keep the battery attached. Always, even when connected to the power supply. And connect the power supply to a surge protector, not directly to the wall socket. (b) Check the S.M.A.R.T. status of your hard drive regularly, it can warn you before failure. Use the free "smartmontools" for that (Google it). It has Windows and Unix versions. (c) Hard drives dislike vibrations, especially when turned on. Vertical acceleration could lead to a head crash. (obvious, I know) (d) Unix-like operating systems (like Linux, BSD, OSX) tend to be *much* more reliable, but that wouldn't help in case of hardware failure. In any case, Linux is a personal favorite (and immune to viruses), but it *does* require some time invested in order to learn it. I hope that help a bit. Good luck with your new laptop.

  6. randomname

    What a huge comment! I didn't realize it, lol!

  7. thank you

    i just caught up on holyland this month, I'm glad it's going to have a steady stream of chapters for now!

  8. Golgo13

    Hi, what about Mephisto? :tongue:

  9. Jack

    thanks. Really looking forawrd to the next Homunculus volumes. any word on Mephisto?

  10. Shamanking96

    Owh Thanks for Jackals. :w00t: Thank you for reviving Jackals again. Until end (chapter 56) of this manga (I Hope) :innocent:

  11. Cenit

    No Sigma in works? Sad to hear :/

  12. Nitouryu

    @randomname – yes volume release would be better, but that would take more time, and people have already been waiting for so long.. so will see. – yea, I got Natty Narwhal on dual-boot, but I need Photoshop to work on my stuff and my irl job requires Windows specific software, so Linux is only for my spare time. @Golgo13 – yes, Mephisto too. @Cenit – I'm not managing Sigma project.

  13. randomname

    Natty? Ubuntu was always a decent distribution (I first tried it *many* years ago 😛 ), because it's Debian-based and Debian is awesome (apt-get is an amazing PMS – Portage, too). However I can't say I like the direction of Gnome lately… In any case, you should try GIMP (it also has a Windows version), which has a great interface and is easily as powerful as Photoshop when it comes to editing 8bit-per-channel images (like manga scans). Unfortunately, it's completely useless for photos, because it lacks support for higher bit depths and non-destructive editing… Still, you should try version 2.8 when it finally comes out 🙂

  14. Slacker

    Slackware! Anyway, I'll keep waiting for Sidonia no Kishi patiently.

  15. xyz85-mvb9

    @Slacker Hang on man, something's moving underground.

  16. Rwei

    @randomname GIMPas powerful as PH? You never worked with nether of them, otherwise you wouldn't say that. And I mean _really_ worked, and with scans of all sorts.

  17. randomname

    @Rwei (part1) Actually I've worked with both. I've spent countless hours using GIMP for all sorts of image editing (including fixing scans, but not manga scans), both on Linux and on Windows. The first time I used it was shortly before version 2.x came out (Yes I am that old). The main problem with GIMP nowadays is the lack of manpower. There are not enough developers to integrate new features (mainly GEGL, Google it) quickly enough, so it still lacks the much-needed higher bit-depth support, years after the time it had been promised. A *big* problem with photo editing, not a problem with scans. (With scans you should be oversampling anyway, working at higher resolutions than the release. So in any case the final resize won't have any gradation problems… At least that's my theory.) Also adjustment layers would be convenient, I'll give you that. (see below, part2)

  18. randomname

    @Rwei (part2) I've also used Photoshop, but (admittedly) not recently. Just too expensive for me. Of course it's better than GIMP, but I like the interface of the latter just as well. (GUI comment: Ironically enough, "Windows" OSes lack decent "window management", which causes all the common complaints with the GIMP interface. Its GUI was designed for usage with the -much better- Linux window managers. This is going to change with version 2.8, which will feature an optional single-window mode. 😉 ) My photography needs are covered by Lightroom, and even some free RAW converters (as long as they can deal with those huge .NEF files quickly). Having the ability to use layers without exporting to GIMP (and having to drop the bit depth) would be nice, but rarely necessary… I admit that nowadays my image editing is either pretty trivial (cropping, tonal adjustments etc) or photography-related. I have no experience with cleaning up manga scans… Man, yet another huge comment… I thought I had a life! :tongue: Have a nice day, randomname

  19. The

    I want I am a hero volume 4!!!!!!! 🙁 please? :<

  20. MJAU

    YEA I WANT "I AM A HERO" VOLUME 4 AS WELL!!! OMFG!!!! :crying:

  21. Punky Brewster

    I wasn't sure where to put requests, sorry! Can you guys pick up the MPD Psycho project? I forgot who was doing it last, but they dropped it at chapter 82. Or maybe you can contact some guy who would? Thanks!

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