Nitouryu says hi,

Nitouryu was supposed to write a post to celebrate his return, but whatever, Latvian went to sleep instead.

Some news for those interested, I (Well, technically my good friend did) bought the following volumes this week:

-Sidonia no Kishi volume 5
-Wolf Guy volume 10
-Full Metal Panic Sigma volume 15
-Homunculus volume 15 (358 pages, btw)
-Suicide Island volume 5

My friend should be shipping them some time early next week, depending on when he goes to town.

Anyway, releases:

Holyland 114-116 (!Holy114 !Holy115 !Holy116) – Latvian finally finished up some Holyland, we get to release it. Neat.

Homunculus v12 (!Homunc12) – Just so you know, we’ve cleaned 1/3 of volume 13 and it’s about half-translated. So depending on how fast Phaedris cleans it, we might release it by mid-June.

Itou Junji’s Cat Diary (!ItouJunji) – You know last time when I said we started working on a series back in March and another group started releasing it recently? Well, this is it. The other scanlator’s version is good enough if you don’t wanna re-download, but my raws are better and it’s higher res (I’m guessing about the higher res part.) 

Mr. Bojangles (!Bojangles) – A oneshot by the mangaka of Coffee Time & Undercurrent about looking for Mr. Bo. Based off the song Mr. Bojangles, Youtube it.

I think that’s all. Bye~

25 Thoughts to “Nitouryu says hi,”

  1. Anon

    Deadly was just thinking of Holyland. Thanks for the hard work.

  2. Bob

    Thanks for homunculus.

  3. Ahmyrak

    Hurray! I'm looking forward to more Wolf Guy in the future! Your scanlations are my favorite of such! Thanks for the releases!

  4. R

    Thanks a lot for Holyland. 🙂

  5. signorRossi

    Thank you.

  6. dekadans

    nitouryu is back eh.. When will we see the new chapters of Jackals?

  7. tart

    Thank you so much for Homunculus! :laughing:

  8. randomname

    Thanks for the great Holyland releases! Much appreciated as always. Holyland and Suicide Island are amazing, can't wait for more! Rookies is very nice as well (I started it thanks to you guys… because I trust your scanlators' taste).

  9. Devastation

    Thanks for all your hard work. :w00t:

  10. Desperate Otaku

    Thank you for Homonculus! I'm so glad it's finally out!!!! I can't wait for mid-June.

  11. sup

    Homunculus v12 FINALLY, THANK YOU.

  12. Pancho

    Really appreciate your release of Homunculus. Thank youuu!! :laughing:

  13. Katio

    Thanks a lot for Holyland!!

  14. illuminate

    Looking forward to Sidonia no Kishi volume 5 and Wolf Guy volume 10. I'm also just starting Suicide Island, so thank you for that too.

  15. MedinaFunky

    Are you doing Full Metal Panic Sigma 44-48? or is that Vol 15? i thought it was vol 11 xD?

  16. MedinaFunky

    Derp nvm 44-48 is vol 15. BTW thanks for the translations

  17. Cenit

    44-48 is probably Vol.11. Vol.15 should be sth like 60-64 and we probably won't see that translated by this year :/

  18. MedinaFunky

    i am so confused >.< now xD

  19. BooN

    what dialogue font do you guys use in junji ito's cat diary? i like it very much.

  20. GGpX

    @BooN CC Meanwhile

  21. Raffle

    Cant wait for homunculus!

  22. Crystal

    FMP Sigma *-*

  23. john

    anyone know when they are making some more holyland?

  24. Tsuba

    Ooooh! FMP Sigma!! :tongue: Can we hope for some new chapter before the end of the year ? :whistle: Thanks for your great job ^^

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