So I brought my computer to have the HDD’s exchanged (Yeah, yeah, I’m stupid when it comes to this shit, don’t need to tell me) 2 weeks ago.

My HDD was dying. You know when it’s a cold winter day, you try turning the car engine on and it makes sort of like a wheezing kinda sound as it tries to turn on? Well, that’s the sound my HDD was doing on a daily basis. Not constantly, mind you.

So I bought two new HDDs, one as my main drive & one to be my data drive. Big ups to the Rusky Russian_Gear for finding me the hard drives. Russians are good for some things, I suppose.

I tell him, “Put drive 1 as the main drive, put drive 2 as the slave drive. Remove the old one but don’t throw it out. Install Windows XP and an anti-virus.” and he tells me okay, no problem.

The guy is a friend of my dad, so he does it for free, which is cool of him.

Only problem was… It took him from Thursday two weeks ago to Saturday the 8th to do that.

But whatever, I got my comp back, I’m happy.

As I’m about to open it up, my dad tells me, “Yeah sorry, the reason it took so long was because it took something like 6 six hours to copy everything on the new drive.”

But I didn’t want anything copied, I just wanted Windows XP and an anti-virus…

Whatever, all my settings are still there & I won’t have to re-install anything I guess.

I open it up, and it’s still slow. I figure it’s because my main drive is all filled up with videos & music, so I transfer all of it to my data drive. Takes something like 7 hours, but my main drive is empty and squeaky-ish clean. I go to sleep.

The next day, I open the comp back up and it’s still slow.

Whatever, don’t sweat the details yet, I got my comp back, glad I can re-start scanlating shit again.

And then… Early in the afternoon… I hear that wheezing sound, the same wheezing sound that I complained about before I sent the comp to get the HDD changed.

So I go find the extra HDD that I stored away, and I look at the online bill for the two HDD’s I bought.

The fucking technician forgot to install my new HDD & kept my old one inside the computer.

In the words of the late, great, immortal George Carlin…

What are you, fucking stupid!?

And so, here’s a new release.

Holyland 113 (!Holy113)

Next release will be something we started working on in mid-March, but stalled because when I was supposed to typeset it, my dad stole my PC and another group started working on it.

Since I don’t like wasting my translator & editor’s work, we’ll release it when it’s done regardless of whether or not the other group finishes it. (It’s one volume long.)


22 Thoughts to “Story”

  1. Anon

    As this post is fairly recent I'm assuming you just haven't gotten around to adding it to the reader. Thanks for the release.

  2. Devastation

    :w00t: Thanks for the Holyland. You should get an external hard drive to backup all you data. Easy to do just use SyncToy 2.0 It's free from Microsoft website. And you can set it up to copy only new or changed files. (called Contribute) That way you always have your file even if your dad steals the computer again.

  3. Nitouryu

    Geezus, you want me to fly over ocean and fix that for ya? @Devastation – I believe you missed the point. GGpX wants to swap System HDD with a new one.edit:HL c113 is up on reader –

  4. Peace Walker

    That's why I don't trust technicians. Once you figure out how easy it is to install an HD, you won't trust your computer to anyone else. Seriously, you should just look something up on how to install a new drive. What you need to know: -How to unscrew a screw -How to screw a screw -How to insert a cable

  5. Katio

    Thanks for Holyland!!

  6. el

    in russia, hard drive installs you

  7. Pyro

    Fuck yeah, holyland… also fucking techs, they never get anything done well, and replacing a HDD and installing windows is pretty easy, you could do it yourself.

  8. Gertio de samefaggerm

    Where the hell is my Sucide Island update? Are you kidding me? What the hell are you fuckers doing? Sit straight, translate, and get it done you damn fuckers

  9. Price Radish

    Um, how much longer do I need to wait to get a response from you guys (applied a week ago)… 🙂

  10. Opticz

    Gertio, Go fuck yourself, go translate it yourself if you want it faster… thsee guys are doing this for free! God damn I hate you! TL:DR Fucking Gertio Thanks Illuminati for your hard work!

  11. Nico

    Awesome story, great characters, good pacing, great manga! So the next release is a full volume and not just one chapter??? If so, awesome!

  12. paj

    Thank you for all your hardwork and Wow you went through alot. I hope everything works out for you. I love your projects especially suicide island. thank you for your time.

  13. Dumblefuck

    Thanks you for the great release, im boiling for more Holyland, also HOW IN THE FLYING FUCK OF ALL AGES IS IT POSSIBLE TO NOT KNOW HOW TO REPLACE A HDD AND DO IT YOURSELF LOGICALLY ?, seriously, i don't believe you, i refuse to believe that you can't do a simple replacement and format. It is a fucking box, that has certain holes for certain plugs, you can't fuck up a box with holes meant to have 2 or 3 shits plugged in, you can't fuck up by plugging a cable where it fits, and you CAN'T fuck up when google can present to you the simplest program to format, and the simplest way to do it. It's just impossible to fuck up, there is no genius in this, the PC detects the device by itself, all you have to do is plug in the cables and connect to the big belt where it fits, if it doesn't work, connect to another area till it works, trial and error of things MADE to be plugged, and format is self explanatory. YOU JUST CAN'T FUCK UP A SIMPLE HDD REPLACEMENT, IT IS TECHNICALLY, ABSOLUTELY, WITH 100% GUARANTEE IMPOSSIBLE UNLESS YOU ARE A WORLDLY ANOMALY. I MAD and thanks for release again.

  14. SamefagGerm

    Fuck you illuminati mangas. Translate faster and don´t keep the mangas for yourself. you´re just a bunch of damn motherfuckers

  15. SamefagGerm

    \”Next release will be something we started working on in mid-March, but stalled because when I was supposed to typeset it, my dad stole my PC and another group started working on it.\” Haha, your dad stole it? Lemme guess, he fucks you all night as well. Have fun getting your ass fucked by your DAD

  16. Nitouryu

    LOL U MAD?

  17. Sirio

    What does "samefagGerm" mean? 🙂 I can understand, you want to read more chaps of suicide island and holyland, but why do you have to freak out :blink:

  18. Deus_Gear

    It just means same person (4chan meme). I ip banned him anyway.

  19. Devastation

    His/it's goal is to get people mad at him, and getting the releases delayed, there by getting everyone else mad. Then he is happy best to just pay him no mind as if he isn't even posting. And to "Dumblefuck" if you have never opened a computer to work on it then it can be a scary thing.

  20. el

    have to agree with devastation. Tried to fix my broken laptop fan, don't know what I touched… and the laptop was never the same again….

  21. InvinceZ

    your hdd soon gonna died. swapping hdd, installing windows are easy you know…and what the hell is with windows XP?

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