8 Thoughts to “Rookies 192”

  1. Price Radish

    Oi, why you not answer my forum query?

  2. xyz85-mvb9

    What query ?_? GGpX is busy right now, if you're talking about your application, he'll reply you when he's got time.

  3. Price Radish

    It's been a week… I am patient, and doesn't really matter, but it only takes him around 2 mintes to answer me…. That isn't too much, is it??? :tongue:

  4. Robbb

    Thanks for the chapter – I love rookies!

  5. Katio

    I don't now if it's the right place to ask but, any news/info about Holyland??

  6. Nitouryu

    Soon, real soon man.

  7. Katio

    Thanks! 🙂

  8. SamefagGerm

    😉 you fuckers wanna keep holyland and sucide island island for yourselves? :whistle: screw you

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