I was supposed to do this a few days ago, but I was lazy. I made a volume pack of FMP Sigma v09 (!Sigma09) for any of you who want it.

A few people sent me emails or messages over the last few days, sorry for not replying yet. Will try to reply tonight.

Sengoku 26 (!Sen26) – Our release for tonight.

Hope you enjoyed your Easter weekend.

12 Thoughts to “Sengoku”

  1. faechilde

    Thanks very much for Sigma. 🙂

  2. Price Radish

    Oi, Oi! What about Holyland!?! Why are you stalling? I thought you had translations to end v12 (5-6 more chapters). I don't want to sound like a pest or ungrateful, but you people are really taking it easy, and I can't take the pressure of waiting..:)

  3. xyz85-mvb9

    We're not keeping releases to ourselves. You'll read the following chapters when they'll be ready. Till then, just be patient. You know, even we have a life to live. (O M G! Suprising, huh?) 😉

  4. Price Radish

    Thanks for answering, though, makes the pain of waiting easier to cope with… Also, I've wanted for some time to help, so if you can teach me something about cleaning pages, it'd be not much trouble… I have some free time for that, or so I think..:) (I have Photoshop CS4 and that's about it, pretty much know how to crop…:)) If you're interested, do leave another comment here..:) Prince Radish

  5. xyz85-mvb9

    Uhm, unfortunately i have no time for that. Most of my free time goes away editing, and teaching you would take a large part of it (and it's not like I have any teacher's attitude at all :P). Anyway, you could start with a guide. I think is pretty good to start with. Don't forget to check the other sections too. GGpX also did an editing guide a while back, but I couldn't find it anywhere :s

  6. Price Radish

    Ok, when I master this cleaning tutorial, I'll get back to you, if that's all right? 🙂

  7. Desperate Otaku

    Why hasn't volumes 12-14 Homunculus been uploaded yet? It's been a year since a new volume's been released, and I think one year is a pretty large amount of time to translate and post one volume of Homunculus, don't you think?

  8. Nitouryu

    Homunculus v.11 by Illuminati-Manga (160d ago) Those "years" are getting shorter and shorter..

  9. Price Radish

    Now I know some basic stuff, so could you give me some raw pages for a test? 🙂

  10. xyz85-mvb9

    Apply on the forum, GGpX will answer you asap (you'll probably have to wait, since he's busy these days).

  11. Desperate Otaku

    @Nitouryu: It was released a year ago. It was translated 160 days ago. I'm just getting irritated at the large amount of time it takes to translate a volume of the greatest psychological manga in history (in my opinion at least).

  12. jugre

    Thanks a lot for these great series along with the great translations you've done to it! Can't wait for the next chapters!

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