Happy Easter

Don’t eat too much chocolate.

Full Metal Panic Sigma v10 (!Sigma10) – It’s late, I’m tired, I’ll make a volume pack for volume 9 tomorrow.

Rookies 191 (!Rook191) – Thanks again to our friends in Deadbeat-Scans

Anyway, going to sleep. Have a good one.

28 Thoughts to “Happy Easter”

  1. Ncrdrg

    Thank you for that beautiful volume release ^_^! As always, top-notch scans.

  2. Andune

    Thank you very much! :w00t:

  3. Ux2

    Thank you for scanlating FMP Sigma!

  4. IslandBoy

    Yep you said it, your releases are second to none :tongue:

  5. Bani

    Awesome! Coincidentally, RD Laevatein is due to be released by the end of the month. Reading this volume makes me wish I could get my hands on it now.

  6. Veson

    Thanks for more FMP!

  7. Yun

    Awesome! Thanks a lot!

  8. B1

    Thank you for the FMP, and a belated farewell (and congratulations) to Molokidan. Hope you have a great Easter break.

  9. Cenit

    Thanks for the good work on Sigma. That vol was top notch! Awesome scans! Keep it up! You are doing a great Job on this!

  10. DJ~

    Thanks for the fmp, im so happy! :w00t:

  11. j.c.

    Wow, a whole volume of Full Metal Panic Sigma!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! 😀

  12. Ben

    Thanks a lot guys, you made my day! It's been a while that I read a volume THAT good! Thanks to you, I was able to read in in one shot… Arigato!!!!

  13. Tex

    Thanks for the release! 😡 OC scans tried their part again on Wolf Guy, I can't even attempt to read it..

  14. Ark

    Wow, loving the series, hope that you continue with sigma :laughing: Hoping volume 11 is coming soon, just read volume 10 on mangafox submitted by illuminati manga yesterday so I hope it's all going well ^^

  15. Ark

    By the way, why does it say fmp is dropped if you're still working on it in the projects section?

  16. RED

    thank you for FMP!!!

  17. Gaggs

    tnx for the volume of FMP Sigma man!!!! 🙂

  18. Kuthrow

    @Ark FMP is dropped, FMP Sigma is not.

  19. null

    Wooh?! Where did this big batch of FMP! Sigma come from suddenly? I thought it was still in translation process? Well, whatever — great to see some new chapters. Big thanks to the crew 🙂

  20. fuggers

    cheers for the fmp!!!!!

  21. Takeshi

    Oh man, when I first discovered Sigma, things were slow, and now they're all of the sudden awesomely fast. Usually it's the other way around. Thanks for your efforts, guys!

  22. THANKS

    Thanks for the new chapter and for your efforts !

  23. null

    Nice, just finished the new Sigma volume — w00t, this is really epic. SPOILER AHEAD!! And it looks like the next volume is going to have some critical scenes as well ("daisuki dayo" <– I think we all waited for that one!) @GGpX: Maybe you could mention in some of the next posts that TokyoPop finally managed to release the next part of the FMP light novel (Vol. 4 of the novel, was released in February).

  24. amy

    Your the best! <3

  25. faechilde

    Many thanks to all for their hard work and for the Sigma release. Great job. 🙂

  26. yourrock

    <3 you guys thanks for the FMP!!

  27. Darts

    Any ETA on volume 11?

  28. Crystal

    I want more FMP-Sigma T.T Thanks, people!

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