Major announcement-

A big announcement for all three of you who care;

Our good friend & translator Molokidan is retiring from the scanlation scene. He’s gotten a job as a pro translator and has since decided to focus on his career instead, which is understandable. We still have a lot of chapters he’s translated that we’ve yet to release, like Boku to Issho, Mephisto, Holyland, Baka Chief… I’m sure I’ve missed a series or two. Or three. But yeah, our best translator’s gone and he’s leaving a big hole. 

Anyway, another release today.

I doubt there’ll be another this week because I’ll be pretty busy with work, but maybe over the weekend.

Holyland 112 (!Holy112) – Just a reminder again that we have translations until chapter 120, which concludes volume 12. After that, we’ll need a new translator. So if you know someone who’s good & willing, send him our way. Thanks 🙂

Have a good one.

12 Thoughts to “Major announcement-”

  1. blink289

    woot thanks

  2. Mierten

    I wish Molokidan well at his new job. May his employers find that he is more than they dreamt of.

  3. LC

    Nooo Molokidan! Don't leave us :'( Thanks for the holyland everyone!

  4. Holyf

    Thanks a lot! just one thing…I don't understand if you say it's out chapter 112 why in the reader there is only until 111???

  5. signorRossi

    Best wishes to Molokidan at his new job and thank you for the translations so far. @Holyf The reader isn't always updated immediately.

  6. zwad

    m(-_-)m I have been missing this from my life. I wish I had the ability to translate, but since I do not, I can only offer my prayers that someone steps up to fill those shoes.

  7. Benjamin Bj

    Sad that Molokidan is leaving us. Damn i want to thank you guys. Remember reading holyland Back in 2007 man. Bad times. Started training and stuff because of this manga man. A thousand Thanks Illuminati-Manga och best whishes to Molokidan. That guy from Sweden

  8. Opticz

    Best wishes to Molokidan, hopefully another translator steps up to pick up holyland. Thanks Illuminati! That other guy from Sweden

  9. js

    Sry to hear, but I know you'll find someone 🙂

  10. Tex

    Best wishes Molokidan! And thanks for the release, hope another translator finds you.

  11. QuantityOverQuality?

    Shivering in the thought of more mephisto *_*

  12. LoLZZ

    :whistle: He is back by the way….What a douche….he should just stop translating :pff:

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