Itttttt’s back!

It’s been a long time coming, but Holyland is finally back.

Holyland 110-111 (!Holy110 !Holy111) – Don’t know when 112 will be done, depends on some stuff. Just so you know, we have translation until the end of volume 12.

I’ll have an announcement next time we release Holyland. Stay tuned.

17 Thoughts to “Itttttt’s back!”

  1. Mierten

    Thanks for the chapters. I hope all works out well for you!

  2. Pete

    Thanks for the release

  3. Anon

    So when will it be on the reader?

  4. kelval

    Thanks for the releases!

  5. ohey

    Thanks so much friends!

  6. randomname

    Holyland releases, at last! Thank you guys. Today would have been the happiest day of my (manga) life for 2011, if Berserk hadn't come out yesterday with a new chapter (after the usual 4-month-and-counting Miura-style author break). Regarding the Acer laptop that "blew up" (an Acer blowing up? What a surprise! …NOT): I hate sounding like an *ss, but at least it will teach you THE VALUE OF BACKUPS. Been there, done that. It certainly made me appreciate backups a lot more. :shifty:

  7. Pyro

    Finally, I feel like it's been too much time :crying:

  8. otakuperson

    thank you!!!!!

  9. Vendetta

    THANK YOU….!! 🙂

  10. el

    YAY WOOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! <—– caps can't describe how much I yelled irl…. this is the only thing that keeps me from going crazy with all the school and part time work 🙂

  11. captainshambles

    not going to lie here, holyland is an epic series and i have utter respect for you who let me read it with no effort at all. You sir are a legend.

  12. GGpX

    @randomname Back-ups won't pay you a new laptop/PC, though.

  13. randomname

    @GGpX Quite true, unfortunately. BTW, a capacitor inside my 8-year-old desktop PC literally blew up a few days ago (with a VERY loud "bang!"). Thankfully that particular machine wasn't that useful anymore… Anyway, thanks again for the great scanlations!

  14. AnonMKII

    YEA! More Holyland! Thanks guys. This is one of my 4 most looked forward too releases. Again, Thanks for all the effort you put into these releases they are appreciated.

  15. anonymous

    Thanks a lot for the release!

  16. Nitouryu


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