14 Thoughts to “I raise you with”

  1. Chore Boy

    Thanks for the chapter

  2. Chris

    Where can I read it? It isnt in your reader and neither can i download it with the manga download link on the right…am i blind, just stupid or is there a way im not aware of?

  3. Chris

    alright found the thread in your forum 😀 Thanks for the chapter 🙂

  4. vhunter

    awesome! three chapters in the last couple of days thank you so much!

  5. Emanuel

    holyland suicide island (wolf guy) :crying:

  6. Her

    :confused:Thanks but when comes out the next upadte of REAL!

  7. GGpX

    @Her Never. Ever. Seriously, the author cut his right hand off in a mad rage. I'm *totally* not lying about it either.

  8. Xhizors

    Whatever happened to my beloved Homunculus? I am not going to have to wait for another six months, right? :tongue:

  9. el

    is the computer (shitty acer) problem solved for Nit yet?

  10. Peace Walker

    I have to agree with Xhizors. I really miss Homunculus and the translation project was great, seriously, those were some of the best dialogues I've ever seen in a translated manga. Really hope you guys didn't drop it :crying:

  11. el

    @Peace Walker They haven't dropped it since a drop hasn't been announced. I do think they need some kind of translator/editor/somethingsomethingor or are my guesses just stupid? anyway, Hope I get to read volume 13 soon :O

  12. Peace Walker

    @el 13? We're still waiting for 12, I believe. Unless you have Volume 12? Do you? I WOULD KILL YOU FOR THAT VOLUME, MAN! But yeah, things are pretty slow, I can't translate and I don't have any experience in editing, but I could help out on the grammar department if needed. And I really hope your guesses aren't stupid.

  13. el

    haha nope, forgot what volume we were on since… well it's been a while since ^.^ likewise, I would kill anyone for that volume…

  14. Nitouryu

    Nothing new.

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