What an embarassment…

Anybody who follows the NHL should know what I mean. I’m fucking pissed.

On a slightly more positive note…

Since Nitouryu’s going to be out for a while because he has no PC at home, releases are going to start lagging behind.

As most of you know, I seldom ask for donations. We’ve asked donations a total of three times. Once was to pay our website, once was to pay our IRC bot and the other was to pay for some Holyland books. So I’ll ask for a fourth time today. If any of you want to donate a little bit of money towards getting Nitouryu a new PC, please donate whatever reasonable amount to debesaka [at] gmail.com – As usual, not mandatory, but it would be great if some of you could help out.

Releases for today.

Full Metal Panic Sigma 38 (!Sigma38)

Wolf Guy 80-81 (!Wolf80 !Wolf81)

10 Thoughts to “What an embarassment…”

  1. Yea man

    good job u r ace!! come on, come on

  2. Blue

    Thanks for FMP. Good luck to Nitouryu's new computer.

  3. Yun

    Sorry about your PC. :crying: Thanks for the releases!

  4. Alex

    Thank you so much for Wolf Guy :w00t:

  5. nittyditty

    if this is about the chara thing, i can understand why you might be angry, but i don't think you can call it an embarrassment. i think the nhl has remained consistent in respect to these types of calls, and under current rules, it is what it is.

  6. yourrock

    Thank you guys for FMP!

  7. Stoner

    Je te comprends. La NHL c't'une bande d'imb

  8. kam

    oin j'ai pas eus ma dose quotidienne de holyland j'en peux plus sos je veux holyland au fait merci pour traduire ce manga et aussi wolf guy

  9. null

    Thanks for the new FMP! sigma chapter! However I currently don't really feel like reading it at all, with all the disaster still going on over at Japan. I really hope they're spared more problems with another nuclear power plant…

  10. Sabu113

    More FMP 😀 Thank you again.

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