Let’s keep the ball rolling…

So, RIP Nitouryu’s Laptop.

Neh neh Nitouryu, email me. Or call me. (Call me when it’s like 11PM in your deadbeat country, stinko Latvian)

Anyway, more Wolf Guy. I uploaded volumes 1-8 on the bot. Triggers are !Wolf01 all the way to !Wolf08.

Wolf Guy 79 (!Wolf79) – Thank you to Phaedris for editing and Kuthrow for the QC. So this is probably the end of our small streak, we’re out of translations 

13 Thoughts to “Let’s keep the ball rolling…”

  1. Scyfon

    thanks again for another Wolf Guy release =)

  2. Stoner

    Wolf guy turned into a retarded series. Because obviously he had no story after the beginning and has to fill up the manga with rape.

  3. Loled

    Uhhh…when u said "So this is probably the end of our small streak, we're out of translations", you mean no more Wolf Guy releases so soon? Well, thanks for the chapters so far.

  4. X

    Any chance there will be some new Koukou Tekkenden Tough releases?

  5. xyz85-mvb9

    @X work in progress 🙂

  6. GGpX

    @Loled It means we won't have a consecutive days streak with a WG chapter because we don't have the next chapter translated. @X The editor who used to clean Tough got a life and hasn't come back yet. So once we get him (or a new editor) we can start doing some Tough releases again.

  7. Emanuel

    @Stoner You´re right mate, it seems the author hasn´t an idea how to continue the series…

  8. X

    @GGpX I have never edited manga before, but my grasp of the English language is decent enough, so if there is no translation involved I could try to help out, assuming of course that my help is wanted.

  9. Khal

    @Stoner The rape doesn't last long and the authors only using it as character development for Inugami.

  10. Ghosttrinity

    The issue with the rape is that it went to far. Even if Inugami saves Aoshika I highly doubt she wants to live after whats shes faced especially when she bites her own tounge and even says "I want to die so badly".

  11. Ahmyrak

    Thanks so much for the four quick releases! The fans are happy! It might not be too long until my most anticipated chapter now! Keep up the awesome work guys~

  12. any

    thanks for the fast releases!!!!

  13. deigo_sama

    any news about Holyland…pleeeeeeeeeeeeease

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