Hey, hey, GGpX. Laptop blew up, man.

Like title says, it choked itself to death.
What can I say – Acer sucks, dude.

Lets count collateral damage:
Holyland – all v12, half of v13;
Jackals – v6;
Mephisto – v3;
20Gb of fine lady material;
Some university papers, or smtg;
50Gb of other less relevant scanlation stuff;
Settings, access etc etc etc.

Anyway I will go hit gym all week and go bird sighting later, because life has so much more meaning without pc and internet. =]

Hope I didn’t spoil anyones dinner.
Holyland on halt guys & girls.

And I’m out, liquor & birds.

I don’t plan on fixing this anytime soon. I’m poverty stricken douchebag you know.


Neh neh Nitouryu.

Sucks to hear, dohg. Guess I won’t be getting that FMP pre-clean any time soon, huh?

Well, cheer up. I got another chap of Wolf Guy for you.

Wolf Guy 78 (!Wolf78) – This begins volume 9.

That is all.

We’ll see what we’ll do now that our main man Nitouryu will be out of action for a while.

17 Thoughts to “Hey, hey, GGpX. Laptop blew up, man.”

  1. signorRossi

    Shit happens. Fortunately to you and not to me this time. :devil: But is your hard disk really broken? If not put it into a cheap (10$) external enclosure and you can at least get to your important data. Acer really is bad quality, my brother's laptop also died shortly after the warranty expired, but the HD was still good. As for Holyland, I can and will wait for good manga.

  2. xcx

    noooo not holyland gl with bird watching

  3. balboa

    NOOOOOOOOOO Holyland!!!!!!!!!! You guys are awesome for doing what you do though, thank you lots and I wish you guys better luck in the future. In the meantime I shall try to wait patiently.

  4. EatManga - Fast Reader

    Oh Try restore your Hard Disc, if you don't know how, please buzz me, I will help you out

  5. Pyro

    So I wanted to check if you guys had new holyland relases and I found out that a whole volume and a half had been released and I went FUCK YEAH but then I read the rest of the entry and found that it's halted, now I'm afraid of reading it due to fear of getting a cliffhanger and never being able to know how it ends. Why you do this to me? :crying:

  6. Kuthrow

    What we'll do? Absolutely nothing! Means I get to be even more lazy than usual. Yay!

  7. djchayan

    oh man sucks to be you now…well and me too no jackals incoming soon… :pff:

  8. Kokingz

    NOOOOO!!! not my Jackals~~ xD hope u can restore ur stuff somehow guys. till then, good luck on real life 😛

  9. kidxatxheart

    Aww man, no Holyland for a while, yay for Wolf Guy at least. How about a fundraiser to help Nitouryu get a new laptop??

  10. Emanuel

    eeeh? I thought you´ve got the wohle volume for me and now I have to see there will be a longlong break… :blink: :crying: some people before said they know how to help. LET THEM!

  11. Nitouryu

    I will try restoration sometime next week(FDE, so it will be messy). Together with flashing BIOS, soldering CMOS battery and other non-safe stuff. A friend will lend me her old Packard Bell, so I can do my real job. Bless her! 🙂 It won\’t solve scanlation problem as I need a hardware capable of running Photoshop.@signorRossi – HAHA, yes. The warranty expired 2 months ago. Acer knows their stuff.

  12. el

    I wouldn't mind donating a bit for your pc, how about making a post, to help us help you so to say 🙂

  13. Quigo

    yeah let us know if we can help!

  14. YK

    OMG… Holyland =(((((((

  15. Rafiki19

    where is my holyland!!! why dont you have raid-1

  16. T1

    Laptop blew up is not much info to go by. If it's your cpu, ram, motherboard, grafikcard, the laptop won't start and so on. Then there's a really nice way to get back your files, find another acer or check the laptops in your home. Take your drive out and put it in there and start the laptop. The graphic won't be nice but hey you need the files, right?:cool: If you hdd is playing tricks then there's a good chance for corrupted files. :crazy: Now if it's your hdd that won't start…you are kinda fucked. :devil: All the shit written here is from ma experience… then again we got 5 laptops at home atm. My HP went down and I got my files from my sis' acer which worked quite fine. PS: Her laptop still works fine while I bought myself a new one :tongue:

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