Wolf Guy 77

See, told you we’d have some more Wolf Guy soon.

Chapter 76 was the big clog as it took a lot more time than expected to clean. I had chapter 77 ready a while ago, just went over it one last time today before releasing it.

Wolf Guy 77 (!Wolf77) – Chapter 77 concludes volume 8. We’ll be now reverting back to my scans for v9 😉

Just a FYI: We’ll be adding Wolf Guy volume packs on the bot over the next week, along with some other stuff as well.

See you next time.

10 Thoughts to “Wolf Guy 77”

  1. TheTruthOO

    thanks for 2 releases in one day 😉

  2. Peace

    Thanks for the release

  3. kidxatxheart

    Thanks, you guys are the best

  4. Scyfon

    DOUBLE RELEASE! I love you guys…

  5. Fangoroth

    You have NO idea how glad I am that a group will be reliably releasing this now. No idea what the schedule is, but i'm pretty sure it'll be better than one chapter every 2 months MAYBE. I started reading back when it was like 4 releases a week, and then it just kinda… stopped, so my deepest gratitude for giving me back my werewolf fix.

  6. GGpX

    @Fangorth We'll have 1-2 more releases soon, after that it'll depend on how fast the translator (tradedaemon) does the chapters. Trade's the same one from all the previous chapters in Izumo no Ryuu, just that he doesn't have the time to translated 2-3-4+ chapters a week anymore, and sometimes he's lucky to have the time to translate 1 / week. So we'll see. Volume 9 is 75% cleaned already, so there's been some serious progress done in that regard.

  7. Xer

    Thank you very much :laughing:

  8. Demut

    Again, sorry for causing the “big clog” :<

  9. sleepy reader

    Sorry if this will sound a little odd but i see no download link..um, where do i get the chapters? i only see an online reader on the site but there's no way to download the chapters. thx.

  10. Ahmyrak

    Thank you so, SO much for more releases! Soon it will get to the chapters I've been waiting so long for! ^o^

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