So yesterday

I found some pictures of me from when I was younger, like 6 years younger.

And holy shit did I look like a douche.

No wonder nobody wanted to be friends with me. They don’t now either, but that’s a whole different situation. I think.

Well anyway, whatever. I blame the Latvian.

Today, back to our old selves and away from the warm & fuzzy shoujo-ai. Back to darker shit. I like that a lot more, to be quite honest.

Enjokousai 02 (!Enjo2) – Just a fair warning, there’s a VERY NSFW double in this chapter. Don’t yell at me if you get caught. Also, made a !Enjo1 trigger if you want ch1. Big thank you to our new translator, Saber, for picking up the translations. He’s translated chapter 3, so we might have another release of this sooner than later.

Full Metal Panic Sigma 37 (!Sigma37) – Now we’re back with Sousuke. He’s pretty gangster at times.

Wolf Guy 76 (!Wolf76) – For some reason I forgot to mention this chapter when I made the original post. Oh well, whatever. Sorry about the delay. The translator, tradedaemon, has been pretty busy with work and hasn’t been able to dedicate as much time translating as he’d like. We’ll have 1-2 more chapters soon-ish.

So, yeah, enjoy.

PS. Russians who edit my posts with gay pics, see above, are gay.

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  1. Sabu113

    More FMP 😀 I love you guys Illuminati and your lovely trans/editing team <3

  2. Glueballs

    Thanks for the release. Are you going to add Enjo to the reader. I don't mind downloading. But I find your reader extremely convenient without the drop in quality of others.

  3. j.c.

    Thank you so much for Full Metal Panic Sigma!! 😀

  4. GGpX

    @Glueballs I might get around to it tonight. I'm about to typeset something, so I don't know yet. Not even sure I have the ftp info to upload. If I don't, I'll bug Deus_Gear or something.

  5. Lauri

    Moar Sidonia No Kishi Q.Q It's been like, forever, manga is already nearing chapter 20 while only 11 have been translated. :confused:

  6. Yun

    Thanks for the releases!

  7. Chore Boy

    Thanks for the chapters. You really weren't kidding about the NSFW part. Too bad my nephew saw it and now ridicules me for watching "cartoon porn"… fucking brat. I'll just use all his juice for mixers. Drink water, you little fuck! :shifty:

  8. kidxatxheart

    thanks for Wolf Guy, been waiting forever

  9. ben

    Thanks for the FMP

  10. anyany

    Thanks for the chapters!

  11. Scyfon

    Thanks for the Wolf Guy release! =D

  12. Blue

    Thank you for Full Metal Panic

  13. null

    Wooooh, Al is back! Anyway, thanks for the new FMP! Sigma chapter — it's really starting to get interesting!

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