Are you Blue?

So it’s a day past Valentine’s day, the day where dudes have to be romantic with their chicks. Thankfully for me, I don’t believe in that non-sense. Reason why we didn’t release anything on Valentine’s day.

But I don’t have a problem releasing after Valentine’s day!

This release is dedicated to the bitches…

Zenquibo and Deus_Gear!

Who else did you think I meant? Girls? Yeah, right.

Blue (!Blue) – Single volume series by Nananan Kiriko that our trusty editor Dille’s been meaning to do for a long time now. So I hope you girls (because no straight guy will enjoy this. ) will enjoy it.

PS. Also, Nitouryu forgot to mention, but he specifically hates darker skinned people. Don’t take him out to be a saint or anything.

12 Thoughts to “Are you Blue?”

  1. el

    how much darker skin, or do you have a specific system for figuring out how much you hate each individual depending on the shade of their skin nitouryu?

  2. Ryner77

    Thanks for the new series 🙂

  3. FullArmageddon

    lolwut? No strait guy will enjoy this? I'm strait and I absolutely love shoujo-ai/yuri manga and I know many other guys that do. Aoi Hana, Sasameki Koto, & Girl Friends are some of my faves. You can view my yuri list and oneshot packs here:

  4. confused

    where is the dowmload link or where do u read it from

  5. Alfred

    I wa deeply moved, thanks a lot. And yes, guys can appreciate shoujo-ai too.

  6. el

    yes, agree with alfred, I love girl on girl action, especially with a good story to juice it all up with :O

  7. Demut

    Why would anyone claim that guys dislike something related to lesbians?

  8. bbpp

    Blue was good. I finally got the original book in the mail and read it in one go. Probably like Pumpkin & Mayonnaise better but still a fan of Nananan's writing. And don't mind GGpX, he just likes gazing at muscled manmeat in his manga. ;p

  9. Nitouryu

    @el – I\’m glad you asked it. I actually carry a \”Von Luschan\’s chromatic scale\” with me all the time. It nicely fits into my wallet and I can whip it out any time I feel like someone\’s skin is darker than Nr.29. I also hate Eskimos, don\’t like their attitude – \”Look! I can build a house from ice blocks. Bricks are for pussies!\” Just showing off…

  10. Juan

    Hot lesbians are hot.

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