Holyland 107 (!Holy107) – Yuu does—

Oton v2 (!Oton2) – I love Seiko. He’s just so badass. Been a long time coming. I wish I did more Saruwatari series. Some of the characters in this volume are characters from other Saruwatari series. Won’t say which, though. 

Rookies 189 (!Rook189) – More baseball. Dear Lavos, pay for the Deadbeat site so we can get the translations back. Thanks!

Sengoku 25 (!Sen25) – More Sengoku, more war. I think.

Anyway, we could use some editors. Our translators are getting mad with us, so… Yeah. I don’t like them getting mad.

Video fixed – Russian.

7 Thoughts to “ò_é”

  1. Darkangel

    Thanks for the release guys :laughing:. And that vid was disgusing but funny :tongue:

  2. Jzinc

    mmm bacon sup mtl 😎

  3. StarvingArtist

    I fap to holyland and fmp… Uuuuaaarrrhhhgggg yeah baby that was awesome. <3

  4. YK

    thanks… MORE HOLYLAND!!!

  5. Oneidos

    Thank you for Holyland, but- there was something strange about that vid… I mean, how could those guys do that??? Eating meat without tzatziki… how deplorable.

  6. Minatsuki

    Thanks alot guys for the HL reales<33

  7. randomname

    Thanks for the Holyland release, much appreciated as always. I *really* like this Yoshito guy for some reason and Yuu going against a real kick-boxer is very interesting. (That, and I cheated and had a look at the raws, so I already know it's going to be one of the best fights of the manga… :tongue: ) PS. Tzatziki is all right, but the smell afterwards is something else entirely…

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