Holyland 106

So The Leafs traded the vastly overrated Beauchemin – I guess anyone can look amazing when they play with Pronger/Niedermayer, hello Matt Carle – for 3 mediocre assets.

Mediocrity for more mediocrity, I guess

Holyland 106 (!Holy106) – Halfway point of volume 11. I think?

8 Thoughts to “Holyland 106”

  1. noobie

    Sorry for asking but how can i get holy land 106 chapter? what i need to download it? i don't reaaly get it … plz help 😉

  2. shonryukku

    i love your releases but i have never ever been able to work the irc help plz

  3. Peww

    1. Download mirc 2. go to illuminati scans channel 3. type !Holy106 4. ??????? 5. Profit!

  4. Pyro

    as always, thansk for holyland

  5. randomname

    Thanks for the release, guys! Great quality as always 😀 (…and I'm holding my breath for Suicide Island. It won't take long, right? But take your time, quality is more important than speed.)

  6. kelval

    Hooray and thanks!

  7. Nitouryu

    Who is the GAYLORD adding these lolish images?

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