Today is

More Holyland!

But first, my usual plea… We need some more staff.

More Editors. 🙂

Also, vensu, if you’re reading by any chance. Contact me! Je veux finir une sĂ©ries que t’a commencĂ© il y a longtemps.

Holyland 108 (!Holy108) – Newest chapter.

Now excuse me as I go scan Holyland.


I made an !Oton1 trigger for those of you who want to download Oton volume 1 the lazy way. (Lazy faggots)

7 Thoughts to “Today is”

  1. Mierten

    Thanks for keeping Holyland going. I read a bunch of volumes then decided I would wait until it was completed to read the entire thing. When new chapter come out, I am cheering since I know it brings me closer to getting to read the entiry. I've been enjoying the other series you have done too!

  2. doubleblah

    The rate at which you guys have been releasing this is both astounding and awesome. Keep up the amazing work!

  3. kui

    WOW! I have never commented here before but I want to say thanks for all the hard work you guys have been putting in to release Holyland. I get so happy seeing a new chapter being released at such a fast rate. <33333333333 I LOVE YOU ILLUMINATI!!!!!! THANKS FOR YOUR HARD WORK~~

  4. rawk

    YESSS Holyland!! Wow, super fast releases, keep it up! You guys are awesome.. really awesome. Super awesome.

  5. ham

    woohoo! more holyland. thanks guys

  6. el

    WOOHOOO!!!! thank you peeps! This week, I've been looking at this site once ever day and to my surprise it has been updated every time I look :O

  7. randomname

    Same here, el, I was surprised to see yet another HL release! Thanks a lot, Illuminati! Man, Shougo really does behave like an immature asshole…

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