So some news;

I’ve been tired this week. Hate it.


Tippies, the person editing Wolf Guy has retired from scanlations to focus on medical school. So there’ll be a slight delay. Just so you know, I found someone else to do chapter 76. Once that’s done, we’ll release it simultaneously with chapter 77 which is almost done because there weren’t many redraws in it.

So if any experienced Editors (who can redraw) want to help out contact me via email or via IRC. I’ll need a sample of what you’ve done.

Anyway, on to the releases.

Full Metal Panic Sigma 36 (!Sigma36) A cool little story in this one. The end is pretty funny too.

Holyland 104-105 (!Holy104 !Holy105) The beat goes on.

Jackals 41 (!Jack41) Things are starting to get complicated.

Sengoku (!Sen24) War War War!


16 Thoughts to “So some news;”

  1. j.c.

    Thank you very much for the latest chapter of Full Metal Panic Sigma!! 🙂

  2. djchayan

    thanks guys!!

  3. Ted

    Thanks for FMP Sigma, been waiting for it; glad to see it finally up 🙂

  4. Dr. DaMan

    JACKALS!!!!!!! …that is all :w00t:

  5. null

    Hey, nice to see another FMP! Sigma chapter… now downloading 🙂 Thanks for keeping up the great work 😉

  6. randomname

    Thanks for Holyland 😉

  7. Pyro

    Once again thanks for holyland, you guys rock.

  8. Sido

    Holyland rules thanks guys…. And, btw whats the status of Suicide Island manga?

  9. el

    Thanks for the releases! On to another note, what are the plans for Shounan jun'ai gumi? I haven't seen a release or news in about a year now :/ Hope you haven't dropped it 🙁

  10. GGpX

    @Sido Editing. A lot of nasty redraws. @el Ummm… Waiting on Kuthrow, essentially. ._.

  11. Darknova

    Suicide Island is by the same mangaka as Holyland. Since the art is the same and since Holyland has moderately hard redraws, SI is more than likely the same difficulty.

  12. Chococuppincake

    Thank you SOOOO much for Full Metal Panic! Sigma!! Keep up the awesome work!! You're awesome!!

  13. Her

    Thank you so much! I'll be waiting for the next update of REAL

  14. Nitouryu

    Basically Suicide Island is done. Been done for about a month(we wanted to get it out on new years). I can't finalize it because work keeps crushing my nutsack 😎 Though we will get it out this week. It's better this way anyway, will just shorten the gap between next release.

  15. Demut

    I’m the one you guys have to thank for the delay °x°

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