.:18·13·23:. «!GGpX-Sleep» So Nitouryu
.:18·13·27:. «!GGpX-Sleep» wanna write a news post?
.:18·14·02:. «@Nitouryu» not really
.:18·14·07:. «@Nitouryu» maybe Darknova wants
.:18·14·26:. «!GGpX-Sleep» Darknova42 wanna write one?
.:18·15·09:. «Darknova42» uh,
.:18·15·30:. «Darknova42» not really
.:18·15·38:. «!GGpX-Sleep» Deus_Gear wanna write a news post?

Since nobody wants to, guess I’ll have to.

Two things…

First, we’ve made volume packs for a few series.

Battle Royale 2: Blitz Royale Volume 2
Boku to Issho Volume 3
Full Metal Panic Sigma Volumes 6-8 (Btw, I strongly recommend re-downloading volume 8 if you archive manga.)
Me And The Devil Blues Volume 3
Shonan Jun’ai Gumi Volume 10

None have triggers, so you’ll just have to log on and figure out how to use the bot to download them.

Second thing, a release! Just so you know, if we don’t announce that we drop a project, odds are we haven’t dropped it. It just so happens that some us don’t scanlate stuff 24/7 (Unfortunately) and that we have more than 1 specific project to work on.


Holyland 101-103 (!Holy101 !Holy102 !Holy103) And so begins volume 11. Hoping to have our next release around this weekend.

10minutes later, just about after I finish writing this…

.:18·27·40:. «@Deus_Gear» no
.:18·27·57:. «!GGpX-Sleep» Too late, Russian.
.:18·28·00:. «@Deus_Gear» lol
.:18·28·45:. «!GGpX-Sleep» You good for nothing rusky…
.:18·28·50:. «!GGpX-Sleep» Making me write that news post.

Russians. Sigh.

[Russian Edit]

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    @el It's not a new release, just packing up past releases into a volume pack instead of having to download the chaps one by one. This way it's a one-time download.

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