Mom~~ can I have an Online Reader for Christmas? and Jackals, too?

Mom: “Yes, you can Illu.”

Scrap that!
In all seriousness over these years I have seen so many bad online readers that picture downsize our releases on so many levels.
Nightmares, pure nightmares.

We are putting a big fat end to that.

First of all – we have been and will always stay an IRC based group and release our stuff using bots.

Secondly – we also had and still have a DDL site. Manga-Download It’s been there for several eons. But not like anyone knows or cares about it.

Thirdly – while I don’t fancy Online Readers as they alienate fanbase from actual providers-scanlators, I do believe that having our own Reader that won’t do a 3rd degree JPG resizing will prove to be a good solution to current situation.

So take a peek at our BETA online reader:

For now we want to test how it handles pressure and a lot of stuff still has to be uploaded.

 Reader can pre-load pages in advance to give you a more smoother reading experience and it also loads only images not the full website.
 Image size is kept original, but won’t go over the borders of your browser(1024×768 monitor and notepad users can take a deep breath).
• There are still some functionality improvements to come.

We expect to get everything completely up and running till Christmas.
So get drunk with your buddies, test it, abuse it and what not, just remember to use protection and then come back and give us some feedback. We would really like to hear your thoughts and input.

Special thanks goes to the guy who coded it, without him none of this would be possible: Woxxy
And thanks to server provider who will run this whole thing and take the bullet if anything happens: Guybrush

Just for a sidenote: 
I still couldn’t care less about “My university won’t let use irc, baww baww” crowd. Change university and take some anti-retard pills. 🙂

Obviously no one will visit the site unless I release something new.
So here you go: Jackals c40 (on irc !Jack40) and Online Reader as well.
This is just a small 1 chapter spill from what’s to come on Christmas :).

27 Thoughts to “Mom~~ can I have an Online Reader for Christmas? and Jackals, too?”

  1. eds

    Good online reader.

  2. Red

    "Image size is kept original, but won't go over the borders of your browser(1024×768 monitor and notepad users can take a deep breath)." Although this isn't bothering me, the image does not resize properly for me. Running Firefox 3.6.13, 1680×1050. Example page where bug occurred: Full Metal Panic Sigma: Chapter 034 Page 12

  3. Nitouryu

    That is a double page. They aren't resized to fit monitor screen.

  4. Dille

    I find it quite inconvenient that whenever I go to the next page I get scrolled up to the very top of the page (the web page not the manga page), especially when reading a whole volume with 200 pages.

  5. signorRossi

    🙂 Works like a charm for me (tested with latest Holyland).

  6. W

    Yeah, Resizing doesn't work as intended:) (Opera 11, 1280×1024) Other thant that, it works wonderfully:)

  7. Kokingz need i say more? 😛 u should just put the pages up as a drop down, like the manga and chapters. except for that its simple and fast like it =)

  8. Nitouryu

    @W – thanks for the feedback. I will check it out with Opera 11. Could you provide some screenshots? @Dille & Kokingz – Yes, that is a big problem for Volume packs right now. This is one of the things that's going to be fixed on update. Woxxy is planning to remove current number table and replace it with a single slider.

  9. W

    Nitouryu: Luckily, the problem is fixed now, if you didn;t do anything in the meantime, it just means there was something wrong with my copy of Opera. Sorry for the misinformation.

  10. amy

    This is amazing, its probably the best online reader Ive seen to date! Keep up the great work and have a happy Christmas!!! <3

  11. Glueballs

    Passed my gambit of tests(Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Stainless all on Mac). Works well and looks better than most.

  12. UchihaProdigy

    think its a gd idea, i personally cant figure out how to use the IRC and i stopped using the DL page since u guys started asking for a pw. ima lazy madda fakka so going to another online reader was more convenient than figuring out IRC lawlz

  13. Avatar

    Nice work, good enough for me. Easy way for visitors (old/new) to checkout what kind of series this group works on without having to download or stuff around with IRC. FYI, if it wasn't for this, I wouldn't have previewed Homunculus. I have to say…. that is one weird series (but in a good way) :tongue:

  14. Sapphy

    thank you for the release!

  15. Sapphy

    Just looked through the new chapter on your manga viewer. In the description it says it won't go over the limits of the browser but I still have to scroll around in the larger pages. The preloading is nice but when i click on the page, it flashes different parts of the picture before it settles on the next page. If it's any help, note that I use firefox version 3.6.13

  16. djchayan

    thanks for Jackals cant wait for next vols!!! Also I know of a manga reader that leaves scans pages as is and is not slow: (sorry for link) is run by a small loving manga community 😉

  17. That1Guy

    IRC is extremely retarded. Nobody chats and all you can do is download shit. Need I mention boring? Aside from that, your manga reader is good. Also, thanks for the release. :whistle: One reason you haven't "peaked" again in the IRC channel is because the majority of people don't know how to use it. It's just an annoyance. Evidently, the majority of people would much rather use DDL, DL links, or wait for it to be uploaded on a manga reader site. The only reason I can download your guy's stuff is because you supply the trigger on this site, something many others sites do not (maybe retarded?). Not that you guys would do anything, but my virus scanner doesn't scan the document I'm downloading from the IRC, while it does when I use the usual way. I already downloaded a key logger and a trojan that came with a manga I downloaded elsewhere. Had to do a full scan to find it. Pain in the ass, I tell ya. Don't need my SS# stolen. Anyways, the work you guys do is good. It's just IRC sucks. Plain and simple.

  18. Darknova42

    I think IRC doesn't work properly for you because you're retarded (Its rather obvious you are). The download triggers are also mentioned on irc, usually in topic when you join a channel. I think the moral of the story is: just because you can't get Something to work doesn't mean its retarded, it means you are.

  19. Chido

    Work perfectly fine on my part ! I love the reader as its autoloading pages ( is this the right term ? ) before I reach to it. 😉

  20. That1Guy

    That so, Darknova? I'm the retard, yet here you are capitalizing the word "something" and the first word in a parentheses (which isn't proper), then also forgetting a apostrophe. Genius, dammit, genius. I'm sure you don't care, even though its obvious you're trying to write properly. I never said I couldn't get it to work. Hows about reading my first row over again, or is the first sentence all you read? I'm basically saying it's pointless, much like your social life, slick. Jesus, you people take things a bit too serious and literally, huh? I've never seen triggers in the actual IRC channel without typing some command. Inexperienced? Yes. I've rarely used IRC. But I'm the retard because I lack experience in it and some people lack the common sense to help provide the triggers beforehand. Such wisdom you must have! You just keep on doing what you do and you'll get far. 😉 What I was trying to get across was DDL or DL links are easier and more computer friendly for everyone, whereas IRC confuses many people (God knows I was when I first tried it). Please think before you type. Merry Christmas.

  21. Darknova42

    I'm using a tablet with handwriting recognition- so its more of the computer's error than mine. "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone". If you're going to heckle me over grammar errors then don't have any of your own. (I won't even go into pointing out your many errors). Anyway, your admitted inexperience with irc makes you unqualified to determine whether or not irc "sucks". The fact that you do so anyway makes you retarded.

  22. Deus_Gear

    That1Guy: this is why we made an online reader. Now only if people like you could unlock our sites via adblocker and click the adds so ggpx could make some money for scans 😀

  23. Myste

    Worked perfectly read a bit of Jackals. Very nice work

  24. Vaizardos

    Regarding the site that you mentioned in your post, the link hasn't worked (at least for me) for over a month. I can use IRC, and I don't mind, since you're doing the work and I don't complain. I just think that if you're going to advertise a site and wonder why people don't use it, you should check the status of the website.

  25. maxcmoi

    Wow nice 😀 It's really great 😀 it's so cool,the reader pre-loads the images ^^ this way I don't have to wait for the next image to load :p the only minus point of the reader I can think of is that it scrolls back to the top in a weird way when I click for next page.

  26. Moirae

    IRC doesn't bother me as long as there are bots or plenty of people with copies of the releases. It's only annoying when you want to start a new series, but you can only get the earlier chapters on IRC and there's no one in the channel to DL from. I'm just happy that I-M doesn't require forum reg and a min post count (like many shoujo sites). Last one I bothered with shut down 2 months later w/o warning and deleted their forum. DDL/hosting sites are convenient, but I-M's from the days before mediafire and cheap bandwidth. If it still works, I don't see why they should change their ways. IRC can't be that hard to figure out seeing as how it used to be the primary way to get manga (barring firewall/proxy issues). I remember almost every team in the early 2000s had an IRC/mirc how-to-guide on their site; surely some are still floating around. Gonna go play with the reader now and then I'll post my thoughts on it.

  27. Moirae

    I really like the online reader so far; it'll be great when I'm on a computer without IRC. It's rare to see one that loads lightening fast while still maintaining a high resolution (the pre-loading's great). Like others said, it would be nice to see it scroll only to the top of the manga page (or the banner ads) instead of the page # links, especially when you have whole volumes with 200+ pages listed at the top pushing the manga down, but it's not a deal breaker. What else? I like that there are latest chapter links and chapter indexes on the main page. Overall, a great job. 1680×1050 Vista x64 in the 32-bit, Opera 11.00, Firefox 3.6.13, Safari 5.0.3 all work well. For only IE 8.0.6, it's weird to explain, but I'll try: if there is a double page, like the covers at the beginning of Jackals 40, the gray box surrounding the image doesn't resize for the single page images that follow. The next single page will have a lot of grey space on either side, so it will scroll right of the image (until it reaches the end of the grey area) and the page will be off-centered every time you load a new page in the ch/vol.

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