Hello my dear readers!
It’s me, Nitouryu.

I have to say, we had one great birthday.
And like in all great parties we are starting the hangover afterparty.

I will be on irc, drinking Chateau Lafitte and eating Ruby roman grapes(washed with virgin girls tears) out of strippers belly-buttons.

Come and join!

On today’s menu we have: (Edited by GGpX because unlike a certain Latvian, I know how to cook. And do other stuff.)

Boku to Issho (!Boku34 !Boku35 !Boku36) – Farts & sparkles. Usual toilet comedy with some boob action.

Homunculus v11 (!Homun11 !Homunc11) – It’s been a long time coming. Very sorry for taking so long to do this volume… If I get volumes 12-13 in the mail soon (Here’s looking at you, JazzMahtaz) then we can probably get at least volume 12 out by the end of the year.

Koukou Tekken-den Tough v08 (!Tough08 !Koukou08) – Another volume of martial arts and stuff. This is when this manga starts to pick up and become more than just some kid trying himself out versus different types of martial arts. Obviously, there’ll still be that element, but it’ll morph into something great. Especially in the next few volumes.

Suicide Island v02 (!Island02 !SI02) – We have some dedicated persons behind this, so it’s all going nice and smooth. Enjoy second series from Holyland author. If you read Holyland, give this a try. -Nitouryu

What a Wonderful World v02 (!WaWW02 !WhatA02) – While we did do this series, we’d like you to take the time to buy it from Viz if you liked it. I’ve already bought both volumes from Viz. I know you should too. We did chapters 12-19, while Kotonoha did chaps 10-11.


And now what you’ve all been waiting for… an update on our projects.

If you have a question about something regarding the projects and I didn’t answer, ask it in the comments.

Before anything, I’m just letting you know that the majority of our projects could use some redrawers. So if you have any skill redrawing or even want to try your hand at it, apply. I apologize ahead of time if I’m not the fastest to reply to applications. You’ll be handled. If I don’t answer fast, come on IRC and PM me there. You’ll definitely get a fast answer unless I’m asleep. 

À La Carte – We have 3 / 4 chaps translated, but nobody actively cleaning it. We had someone editing & typesetting it, but she’s gone missing unfortunately.

Battle Royale 2: Blitz Royale – If someone wants to clean it, I can translate & typeset it in a few hours time.

Boku to Issho – We’ve just concluded volume 3. All of volume 4 is translated. We’re going to try to finish it before the end of the year, but no promises. Could use an extra redrawer or two.

Buddha – I have all of the volumes, but the person cleaning it was unwilling to continue and here are. So the project is stalled, yeah.

Full Metal Panic Sigma – Shortage of editors makes it hard to work on the series as fast as I’d like it. We have all of volume 8 translated, would like to finish it + volume 9 by the end of the year but if there aren’t additional editors, then… Yeah. Notice a trend?

Holyland – Darknova42 is out of the hospital and doing well. We might have a chapter for you guys as early as Monday/Tuesday if the redraws are finished. PS. Calling Kidomi. Kidomi-chan, if you read this, I’d love it if you could finish translating ch99 

Homunculus – Just released volume 11, one whole year later almost. The series was announced that it’ll end at 15 volumes (or so that was the plan this summer). Volumes 12-13 are out, don’t have my hands on them quite yet. Volume 14 is going for sale around Christmas. Volume 15 around Febuary.

I Am A Hero – We’ve cleaned volume 3 up. Our translator, Laika, is finishing his translations of another volume he started. Once he starts translating, we can probably get some serious work done on the volume.

Idiot Section Chief – Still a part-time project that we do when we have some spare time. We’ll try to get a few more releases out soon.

Jackals – The Latvian says he wants to do chapter releases for volume 6 & 7. We were originally planning to finish the series before the end of the year, but we’re sorta out of race track. Finishing v6 before the end of the year is more likely.

Koukou Tough – I can pump out chapters of these pretty fast, but I need a typesetter who can match the speed. I had Icedman, but now he’s tied up with university and can’t really find the time to work on Koukou Tough. Besides, he wants to work on Jackals more than Tough. All in all, looking for a typesetter! Volumes 9-10 are fully translated, series has been cleaned up to volume 11.

Mephisto – Slowly but surely churning out some chapters.

REAL – Volume 10 goes for sale in less than a week… Can’t wait.

Rookies – See Mephisto. If there’s a cleaner or two who’d be interested in helping out… Contact someone2040 at  Deadbeat-Scans’s Website. Thanks.

Saru Lock – Most of you should know this by now, but ImangaScans started releasing Saru. Don’t blame them. We’ve been taking forever and then some to do chapters. So once we finish up chapters 39-40, we’ll be dropping the series. The redraws are just too time consuming and tedious. The cleaners would rather be doing Holyland. By the way, if anyone is interested in continuing the series, I have the raws up to volume 7. My scans are infinitely better than public raws. And if you disagree… Well, enjoy crappy scans. `-‘)

Shonan Jun’ai Gumi – Need someone to dust hunt. Kuthrow is burned out from scanlations and doesn’t really want to.

Sidonia no Kishi – Should be a chap or two out sometime soon… I hope.

Suicide Island – I’ve bought & scanned Suicide Island volume 3. Going to start working on it soon. Hoping to have it done by Christmas.

Now, for the stalled projects:

Gantz – Still something we plan to do… Eventually. Don’t wait on us, though.

Kamen Teacher – I have raws for the whole series. Unless a Translator & Editor volunteer to work on the series, we’re moving closer to permanently dropping it.

My Street – I honestly don’t know. Ask RR. I really don’t know.

Oton – zindryr translated volume 1, not sure if he’s interested in doing volume 2 or not…

Sengoku – Needs an editor.

Tista – Eventually…

So yeah that’s about it.


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  1. Pyro

    Fuck yeah suicide island, I'll go get my cutter and put on some emo music.

  2. Dark Nexus

    Thanks guys for all the stuff for over 5 years :crying:. I wouldn't be reading some prime manga if it wasn't for you guys :smile:.

  3. farow

    *Patiently waits till it's OVER 9000 YEARS!!!!11one

  4. nonewbs.com

    holy shit guys happy birthday. Thanks for the homonculus been following it since first release!

  5. catzcradle

    Happy Birthday, guys! :laughing: Thank you so much for the awesome release of Homunculus~ 😉

  6. nomnom

    Did you guys translate WaWW yourselves or just rip off VIZ's translation?

  7. Zeke

    Happy Birthday to you guys! I just wanted to say that you're my favorite translation group, and if it weren't for you guys, I wouldn't have gotten to read some of the best stuff out there. Kudos to all your work, Homunculus, Holyland, Kamen Teacher, and Gantz in particular. You guys rock!

  8. Bah

    FMP Sigma vol8+9 by the end of the year? That would be awesome, too bad I'm a little busy with school to handle the editing

  9. GGpX

    @nomnom I translated from French.

  10. nomnom

    @GGpX: Ugh, then it's worse than I thought. Will pass on this one.

  11. Grimmuli

    Happy bday! And lots of thanks for the Homunculus, can't wait for more <3

  12. jack

    Does anyone have the pwd for Manga Helpers? would rather use direct download as I don't how to use IRC but cannot get the pwd without IRC… Catch 22

  13. Nitouryu

    Manga Download name/pw: trusted/fancypants

  14. flop

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    Great, thank you.

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    Happy Birthday! Thanks for all your works!!

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    Happy Birthday to all of you, and a deep and profound thank you ^^

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    Happy birthday! You guys are the best! :w00t: :w00t:

  19. Nineva

    Happy birthday, and thank you so much for your great work. I've waited for the ending of What a wonderful world that I could cry from happiness. I also love Homunculus.

  20. Av

    Can't wait for Real 🙂

  21. js

    Man you guys rock now :sly: I remember the earliest releases – lq, photoshop filter as cleaner, folder within zip, thumb.db, pages numbered 1 2 3 4… And look at your guys now, rock solid releases. Thanks, I've enjoyed all of your work.

  22. cr

    happy birthday and thanks for all the releases

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    Happy Birthday and Thanks for all the releases in these 5 years. :crying: 😀

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