Happy birthday to you…

Happy bir.. 


CONTINUE! (Said Nitouryu)

Elitist asshole, signing in. That’s me, GGpX, obviously.

So today is November 11th. It’s Illuminati-Manga’s birthday! Houray, we made it through another year. Not bad, huh?

Anyway. We had a bunch of releases planned. Some didn’t make it, because, well, shit happens. We’ll probably finish up what we started on soon-ish. Relative term. I’ll also give an update on our projects.

Anyway, today’s releases:

Full Metal Panic Sigma 33 (!Sigma33 !FMPS33) – Yay more FMP.

Garouden (!Garou !Garouden) – The full release of Garouden. A good read for you martial arts fans.

Holyland 96 (!HL96 !Holy96) – Newest chapter of Holyland.

Koukou Tekken-den Tough Volume 07 (!Tough07 !Koukou07) – Final volume of the individual martial arts arcs. After this volume it gets into serious story mode.

Rookies 184 (!Rook184 !Rookies184) – Another new chapter of Rookies. I really don’t have much to say on most of these…

Anyway, yeah. Happy birthday.


PS. I know the project page is out of date. I’m lazy. Blame the lazy webmaster for my laziness. And stuff.

15 Thoughts to “Happy birthday to you…”

  1. rtew

    Thanks for more FMP!

  2. mierten

    Happy birthday. Goodness knows that we are enjoying the presents!

  3. j.c.

    Happy Birthday Illuminati-Manga!! Thank you for your the hard work!! Yay, more Full Metal Panic Sigma! 🙂

  4. Pyro

    Happy birthday or whatever, and thanks for holyland

  5. ham

    thanks for the releases and happy birthday ! 🙂

  6. Zvelca

    Happy birthday 😀 It's my second time here and i really love your work ^^ Thanks for everything !!

  7. Nitouryu

    I salute to your 5 YEARS Illuminati!!! This girl is getting oooold. In scanlation years this is a relict. :laughing: Also: GGpX IS MAD I uploaded corrupt archive and foiled his big volume releasing plans. :tongue: har har har Elitist douche signing out.

  8. GGpX


  9. WayponT

    <strong>Happy birthday </strong> Thanks for the FMP chapter like always :tongue:

  10. Zamunda

    Hey wassup. I haven't logged in on the forums in a while… Also i'm kinda manga picky and (as of now) i'm not reading anything that you're releasing (i bet that 99% of the mangas that you release are that awesome, i just haven't started reading them). So iL just decided to drop by and say Happy Birthday and what a dedication! P.S. Ow yeah since i'm a fan of Garou i'm interested in seeing how this other mangaka designed the chars…

  11. B1

    Many happy returns! Thanks for all the Birthday releases, and hope you have a good year till next birthday

  12. null

    Another big thanks for the new FMP! Sigma chapter! 🙂

  13. amy

    Happy(late) Birthday!!! and hell yes more fmp!!!

  14. el

    thank you so much for holyland!!!!! really great chapter 🙂 and, got any updates on SJG? I think I'll kill myself if I don't get to read about the midnight angels arc soon, either that or learn japanese that is… 🙂 thanks for your hard work, and happy birthday 🙂

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