Happy Halloween~


First some news for you Holyland fans. The editor for Holyland, Darknova42, is going to be away for a little bit of time. He was hospitalized last week and we’re not sure when he’ll be healthy again and editing Holyland. So all in all, release speed will be slower.

Always looking for staff, especially Editors. Apply!

Today’s release. Halloween special.

I Am A Hero Volume 2 (!Hero02 !Hero2) – Volume 2 is awesome, and out of the four volumes out for sale, it’s easily the best. The art is just awesome. I’ll be buying volumes 3-4 when I find the money, along with Suicide Island v3 and some other stuff that was recently released.


7 Thoughts to “Happy Halloween~”

  1. Atman

    Thanks for the second volume of I Am Hero; it was awesome. It's such a strange approach to the genre that somehow works, and it's visually stunning with those realistic backgrounds reminiscent of Inio Asano's style. I'm hooked.

  2. Vomit

    Get well soon darknova.

  3. dekadans

    yeah get well soon darknova.. thanks for the chapter and i want to ask you somethin. when will you release new episodes from Jackals? It's a completed series and i really wonder how it ends 🙂

  4. Chefy

    I Am A Hero is my favorite manga. Thanks for the release. Paranoid schizophrenic protagonists are rare :).

  5. el

    come on, some updates 🙁

  6. Nit

    @el – Illuminati turns 5 years old on 11th november. That answers your question. 🙂 @dekadans – I love Jackals too. We have translated all 2 remaining volumes, books are scanned, I have cleaned some chapters. I will make sure it's done before new years. No promises tho, Jackals has nasty doublepages, hard to redraw them.

  7. el

    yay!!!!! finally some updates, happy birthday Illuminati!!! 🙂

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