In your face GGpX!

Boku to Issho ch31 is back in game. 
Trigger on irc !Boku31

This is why you should NOT GET caught while jacking off.
I think it’s sort of an ultimate hidden ninja skill that every guy has. If you were caught at some point, might as well give up on life.

Haven’t read it? Then give it a go. Hilarity will ensue and pants might get stained. Ultimate comedy gold!

5 Thoughts to “In your face GGpX!”

  1. scirocco

    Wow, the comments really are nonexistent, and you all deserve better. Boku to Issho, man, that shit is a cultural watershed … You all translating it is like King James doing the Bible. God's work and that's no lie. Thank you thank you thank you and do not feel unappreciated.

  2. GGpX

    The picture clearly shows me punching Nitouryu. Clearly. Only a Latvian could have such ugly looking hair. PS. Screw you, you filthy Latvian!

  3. Suguo

    Haha.. suguo always crack me up. Thank you for the chapter.

  4. Hachiro

    I agree, this is one of the funniest manga out there!! Glad you took this series after Mangascreener dropped it

  5. Patryk

    Okay, after reading as much as 4 comments, I now have new manga to read….there goes studying 😛

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