The Typesetterer & 1,200 Chapters released

Good evening,

before I announce the releases I’d like to talk about The Typesetterer that our very own illiteracy created. There’s a tab on the right side of the website, but if you’re unable to find it… Click here.

If you’re a scanlator, give it a try. It’s made so that typesetting can become simpler and less annoying. If you have any suggestions or comments, post them here.

As usual, we need some more Editors to help with the releases, so if you can help out, apply.

I don’t really feel like typing much more – I’m kind tired – I’ll just leave you with this:

Battle Royale II 18 (!BR18 !Battle18) – One more to go.

Boku to Issho 32-33 (!Boku32 !Boku33 or !BTI32 !BTI33) – Two more chaps of this hilarious series. You should give it a try if you haven’t already.

Full Metal Panic Sigma 32 (!Sigma32 or !FMPS32) – The arc continues in the new volume.

Holyland 93-95 (!Holy93 !Holy94 !Holy95 or !HL93 !HL94 !HL95) – Three! Count ’em, three! new chapters of Holyland. Here’s hoping you all enjoyed it.

Mephisto 23 (!Meph23 or !Mep23) – The EVIL MANGA strikes with another… Well… Evil chapter!

Rookies 183 (!Rook183 or !Rookies183) – The match continues!

Sidonia 10 (!Sido10 or !Sidonia10) – Been a long time coming. Sorry for the wait.

With all of this released, we’ve now scanlated 1,200 total chapters. Not bad, huh? Wonder if we’ll get to 1,300 by the end of the year.


29 Thoughts to “The Typesetterer & 1,200 Chapters released”

  1. SwordsRCool


  2. j.c.

    Thank you again for another chapter of Full Metal Panic Sigma!! 🙂

  3. UserCreated

    Thanks for your hard work, really enjoy Holyland.

  4. Jandalman

    :crying: OMG…I'm not blaming you guys but…Full Metal Panic Sigma 32 just ruined my day. What a horrible turn of events.

  5. luls

    thank you for the releases.

  6. ds

    Thank you for Full Metal Panic. Did you guys find another translator to continue the series?

  7. Patryk

    Thanks for the Holyland! :*

  8. ccongdon

    Awesome! Thanks for Sigma… that chapter was much darker than I expected… Author has been giving me "oh shit, really?!" moments for the past 20 chapters or so. This one was one of the bigger ones… Please… MOAR!!!! (I don't like to leave a story on pause in my head on that kind of note!) Damn…

  9. randomname

    Wow! Thanks for the massive updates!

  10. Dennis

    LOVE your work on Holyland. It's one of the best mangas I've ever read. Keep up the good work and fight the good fight!!!

  11. animanda

    hmm haven't seen any SJG releases in what seems to be years 🙁 any update on that?

  12. Pyro

    Three motherfucking holyland chapters? THREE!!! I want to have your babies :crying:

  13. Chris

    Thank you for FMP Stigma!

  14. Avatar

    Reply to -> ds GGPX didn't mention, but this release of FMP:Sigma actually marks my return as the translator for this series once again (I did this up to Vol 4). Lets see how long I can stick around this time! :tongue:

  15. Plas

    Thanks for Holyland and KoS. Keep the great work.

  16. eroan

    -> Avatar, you rock sir. Thanks peeps for the releases

  17. WayponT

    Thanks for Sigma I really love this Manga, that was quite a dark chapter indeed 🙂

  18. WayponT

    Welcome Back Avatar 😉

  19. ds

    Reply to Avatar Yeah, I noticed your name under the credits but wasn't sure if this was only a temporary (single chapter translation) or not. Glad to hear that you will be translating more chapters. Thanks!

  20. DamnedBones

    Thanks a lot for both Sidonia and Mephisto, respectively.

  21. Takeshi

    Thanks a lot for one more chapter of Sigma! And thank you, Avatar, for doing translation. I think I'll wait for a few more chapters before reading it.

  22. null

    Oh fuck, fuck, fuck…. I didn't expect this turn of events at all. Anyway, thanks for this new (and awesome, in twisted dark sense) chapter of FMP Sigma! Keep up the great work! Uhm, was this already newly translated material or 'leftover' material? (since you mentioned last time that you were officially out-of-translations again)

  23. Sabu113

    More sigma <3 Thanks guys!

  24. ichido reichan

    hey ggpx, no more homunculus? vol 13 is out already, do you need help on this?

  25. gonz

    thanks for full metal 🙂

  26. akemi

    hey guys! i've never commented here (sorry about my possible engRish), but what i'm about to say is kinda convenient not only for me, but as myself, for all homunculus fans. it just might be useful for you: i have here the #11 vol. of homunculus, the original scan. i can't remember where i downloaded it from (sorry, apparently it has no credits), but it's absolutely perfect, and with great quality. i don't know if you already have the original manga, but if you don't, contact me and i'll send the archive no problem. i really hope i can read number 11 asap. thanks for your work!

  27. Hachiro

    More Boku to Issho, wow! Thanks!!

  28. Linkin

    Thanks for all your work !

  29. Chiztian

    Full Metal Sigma had a big cliffhanger thanks for uploading it

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