No more Holyland

today I had this completely normal dream where I was trapped in a room with Machete, Ip man, Marcus Fenix, Riddick, some guy with samurai swords and a random girl. So we are all in this room, it’s somewhere around 10x15m big, with a single window and a wooden box in the corner.
I look out the window and I see that we are on 4-6th floor, dusk is approaching. There are no doors, I start to get this creepy feeling, not sure if it’s from the overwhelming testosterone in the room or from the box in the darkest corner of the room.
Next thing I know, Fenix kicks open box while screaming “Fuck you box!” As top of the box slides open, a “thing” crawls out, something like a centipede(size of an arm). Next thing I know, the Thing melts into floor and Machetes legs are being eaten away into floor, while the only bitch screams “we are all going to die” and jumps out of the window..
… -_-
Eh fuck it~~~~, it was a long dream and I don’t feel like writing out all the events. So after an epic extermination battle me and Riddick got out alive from the burning room, as I went home thinking how fucking scary it was, I see a kid riding bicycle, we are in the middle of abandoned land route(was quickest way to my home, I guess). As he turns towards me, I notice that his face is crumbly and white like a paper and there are black holes in places of eyes. “That fire hurt me, mister. Now you have to run.” – he said.

So, releases:
Boku to Issho 29 (!Boku29) – Gonna go solo from this point onwards. As it has a handful of fonts, we really need a Typesetter with a good common sense to keep releasing.

Holyland 85 (!Holy85) – This is the last release from our short release spree. We don’t have anymore translations. JP-EN translators where art thou?

Idiot Chief 09-10 (!Idiot09 !Idiot10) – I love my Wintows 7. We will continue series when Molokidan(translator) has some free time do more chapters.

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  1. randomname

    Oh man, that's sad… 🙁 Are translators so hard to find?

  2. randomname

    I 've just read chapter #85, and the pages do not seem to be in the right order (Are they back-to-front?)… Or is it a onemanga problem? Anyway thanks and let's all hope that a translator will pick it up, randomname

  3. GGpX

    @randomname Hah. Yeah, Onemanga fucked up and started with the last page first and the first page last. Moral of the story is, online readers suck. 😉

  4. robin

    they dont suck. they're retarded. and retarded people friendly.

  5. Zenza

    That sucks Well can't you guys do a merger with another group willing to translate for you guys?

  6. robin

    eh? wats with mangascrener?

  7. GGpX

    @Zenza Find me another group with a competent translator, then we'll talk. 🙂

  8. Rangda

    Your dream seems like so much fun 😉 THANK you for Holyland!

  9. doubleblah

    NOOOO HOLYLAND MUST BE COMPLETED It really deserves it so much more then a lot of other manga.

  10. Joe

    ^ most definitely

  11. SSJ_Silver

    Is there a possibility that manga-downloads will be up soon?

  12. randomname

    Off-topic: You know what, I actually agree that online readers "suck" and "are retarded people friendly", I still use them though because I am *lazy*. :tongue: I'm on a windows box right now and I don't have access to a decent IRC client. The only decent I know is irssi… 😉 So I could use my remote linux homeserver (which, strangely enough, is not located in my house 😉 to download the chapters and then compress them to a .tgz file and move them to my desktop with ssh or netcat, but as I said I am too lazy for that. Also I am too lazy to try running irssi through cygwin. That, and the fact that some long-running manga are *extremely* difficult to find for download from a single source (For example there might be 10 different scanlation groups releasing different chapters). So online readers are sometimes a necessary evil. 🙂

  13. pyro

    I wish I knew japanese so I could help with holyland… Will you guys still be here in 3 or 4 years which is when I think I'll have time to join a japenese school? xD

  14. sleepy

    The beginning kind of seemed like gantz. I also wish I knew japanese :\ and would love to help out.

  15. illiteracy

    @randomname there actually is a windows build for irssi. Check the website's download page and then the binaries section. It runs well enough really.

  16. illiteracy

    Ah, didn't read the second half. Join #lurk and check the packlists on , it should have many more series than any online reader.

  17. randomname

    @illiteracy Thank you, I will try your suggestions when I have some time. (Although I didn't mention that I am mainly a torrent guy… :tongue:) I didn't know there was a windows port, because I hadn't even bothered to check! (Since irssi is such an archetypical Unix program…) PS. That thing is the definition of stability and reliability. I remember irssi occupying about 7.5-8 MB RAM after 2 months of continuous runtime with several channels open…

  18. robin

    didn't mean to bash you or anything. just hate their " 1. oh look scanlations pop up out of nowhere every day 2. ???? 3. profit and whilst at the same time spread the love for these wapanese comicsss oh these pages are way too big lets just resize them in shitty jpegs talking about bandwidth" attitude. cheers.

  19. randomname

    @robin Don't worry, I didn't interpret your comment as bashing, after all I agree with you! I just wanted to point out that even online readers have some uses.

  20. Kagami

    Oh shit, i was scared that you had dropped it completely. Holyland is my favorite manga so i would cry. QQ Best of luck finding a translator. Thanks for all your Holyland releases so far. <3!

  21. Dandy

    someone who can translate needs to do holyland right effin now. i just caught up to the latest chapter and it's awesome. need more

  22. Nitouryu

    @SSJ_Silver – GuyBrush is having uni exams till mid-summer(crazy Germany). When he's done & passed everything, site should be back. @robin – Right now MS has different projects they want to take care of, plus shortage on staff.

  23. nami

    I'm interested in translating. contact me.

  24. yo

    @nami, I love you.

  25. GGpX

    @nami Sent you an email with a chapter to do. Hope to be hearing from you soon. Thanks.

  26. Nitouryu

    I like where this is going. 🙂

  27. Dandy

    nami-swannnnn! ganbatte

  28. yayo

    nami- deserves a <3 thank-you good sirrah!!!

  29. Epydemyc

    nami, you are the greatest.

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