Why not, Holyland 84


A lone Holyland 84 (!Holy84) is released.
And it’s hot as balls this week in Europe. So after you have read this chapter we shall go to beach, chill and make some babies on the hot sand. Deal?

I’m riding a unicorn, your arguments about slow releases are invalid.

10 Thoughts to “Why not, Holyland 84”

  1. Ysellian

    Wow how unexpected! Thanks again 🙂

  2. Pyro

    This has to be the gayest holyland chapter ever :wassat:

  3. Annonymous

    Thanks for the fast releases! First time so many holyland in a week :laughing:.

  4. signorRossi

    Quite a few releases lately, thanks! Oh, and the thermometer touched 38

  5. Mierten

    Enjoy the unicorn! Thanks for the releases. Wow, almost halfway!

  6. randomname

    "muscle koala breads" and unicorns! This chapter has everything! :laughing: Thanks for the release!

  7. Darkangel

    Thanks for the release guys. And Nitouryu must be going to one of those nude beaches there :laughing:

  8. kelpjuice

    wow, nice, make sure you use old spice odor blocker before going to the beach, protects against ODOR for 16 HOURS. BUILDING KICK…. EXPLOOOSSSSSIIOOONNNNNN ……….. I'm on a horse

  9. Juusca

    Thanks for release from Russia!

  10. BeachedWhale

    Wow, this is close to the fastest I've ever seen a senien series released.

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