Tzaziki rules.

I have to say. The Greeks sure do know what the hell they were doing when they created Tzaziki. This shit is fucking awesome. Like damn man, this stuff is so damn good.

Anyway, like the last post said, I’m looking for a Koukou Tekken-den Tough editor.

I’m also broke and hoping to get some donations to buy some new Holyland volumes. If you can donate an amount to help me buy volumes, I’d appreciate it. My paypal account is gaminggodp at gmail dot com

Big thanks to all of you willing to help me out.

And now, the releases.

Full Metal Panic Sigma 30 (!Sigma30) This is the third chapter in volume 7, and it’s when things start to get complicated.

Additional triggers:


Holyland 91 (!Holy91) First chapter in volume 10, we start the second half of the series.

Addtional triggers:


Jackals (!Jack5) Five down, two more to go! This is a very, very fun volume. Especially for people like me who like a lot of action in their manga. Not to mention a sweet plot twist or two.

Additional triggers:


Enjoy, have a good one.

PS. I sorta fucked up and deleted the last 20-some news posts. My apologies Take your thanks and previous conversations to the forums!

Nitouryu note: Hurray for old backups! Now you have only deleted 11 news posts. YOU MONSTER! All those “thank you” and hearth warming comments gone to nothingness~~~~

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  1. qwe

    Oh wow, another release of FMP and in such a short period of time! I'm worried that there'll be a long wait until the next one 😛 Thanks for the release!

  2. j.c.

    Thank you for another quick release of Full Metal Panic Sigma!! 😀

  3. Chiztian

    Thank you very much for the Full Metal Panic Sigma im worried about the next release too

  4. Nick

    JACKALS!!!! THANK YOU!!!! been looking very forward to this release! Thanks a million

  5. YK

    AWESOME. Thanks for the Holyland. Can't wait for more.

  6. Rice?

    ummmm sorry but how do i download the Jackals chapters?

  7. SapphireSky

    Thanks so much for the whole volume of Jackals! You guys are awesome!

  8. K

    Holyland the is reason i wake up in the morning… Thx! Keep up the good work 🙂

  9. GGpX

    @Rice? You download them via mIRC. If you can't download via mIRC, we'll have on DDL in a few days.

  10. Chris

    Thank you for the FMP Stigma Chapter, this really made my day 😀 I'm happy that you were so fast! Keep up with the good work!

  11. Mierten

    Thanks for the new stuff.

  12. Farow

    The correct is Tzatziki ( Thanks a bunch for Jackals. Any info on the last two volumes?

  13. Kokingz

    HELL YEAH!!!! finally more Jackals!! thanks a lot guys! 🙂

  14. null

    Yeah! A big thanks for the latest chapter of FMP! Sigma. This series should really get more attention 🙂

  15. Alex

    Thanks for FMP! Sigma. BTW, I found a place with FMP raws up to vol.13 in case you need it. The address:

  16. randomname

    Oh god, I hate it *so* much when my comments get lost, although, to be fair, it wasn't anything serious this time. I still remember that time when a major contribution to an online forum got lost because of a database crash. I had spent 2 hours to write that post and it contained brand-new info for a (back then) revolutionary technical product. Info completely unavailable elsewhere, that I had written down from memory shortly after going to a presentation… I didn't complain to the forum owner back then, but I eventually stopped participating because I lost my motivation. But that's a long story, isn't it? Thanks for the Holyland release, and also for all the previous Holyland releases, since my "thank you" comments got lost. 😉 randomname, aka the-guy-who-uses-other-people's-blogs-for-his-blogging.

  17. randomname

    PS. Tzatziki makes your breath smell horribly afterwards, because of the large quantity of uncooked garlic that it contains. But, yes, it's still great stuff!

  18. xl26

    Thanks for a whole volume of jackal!! You guys kick ass!! 🙂

  19. Cryoh

    Thanks for the Holyland! Totally donating to help buy more volumes.

  20. Pyro

    Thanks for the holyland chapter, I hope I could donate but I'm a poor college student… Actually, would you like to donate to help me pay my bills? :laughing: Anyway, keep up the good work, if I'm not wrong there's only 9 volumes left, hope the second half is as good as the first one, I feel like it's not the same without Yoshi around.

  21. ccongdon

    Yay! Moar FMP! 🙂 Thanks a lot for your hard work. I'm really interested in seeing how this story unfolds.

  22. LeftArrow

    Well I guess we have to make up for the last 11 post. Thanks for the Holyland release!

  23. Essenk

    Quick question guys. How exactly do I download the chapters? IRC?

  24. Essenk

    Quick question guys. How exactly do I download the chapters? IRC?

  25. GGpX

    @Essenk Yes. Then use the triggers in the #illuminati-manga room to get them.

  26. FMP4ever

    Thank you for the FMP Stigma release!!

  27. Ale

    grat" fmp sigma again! what an amazing rate

  28. Sabu113

    FMP <3 Suprised to get an update so quickly, but oooh so happy.

  29. ciccio

    tnz a lot for another chapter of fmp

  30. ben

    Thanks for the FMP sigma.

  31. Ali

    Thanks for Jackal! know if you're gonna do the next couple of volumes? same as you I live on action mangas with a good twist, and I'm dying to see more of this one!

  32. hanna

    OH GOD JACKALS /tears of joy

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