Holyland 83 & Sidonia 8

Well that was fast.

As usual, if you want to increase the release speed, please apply. We can teach you assuming you aren’t brain-dead. Experienced is always prefered, but not necessary. Requires Photoshop.

Holyland 83 (!Holy83) – We could always use an additional Japanese -> English translator for the series (We have scripts until ch85, then a gap until ch90 & 91).

Sidonia 08 (!Sido8) Funny enough, someone (Kunde) offered to help with the project and a few days later we have a release and chapter 9 is being worked on. That’s usually how it works. Offer to help out and maybe you’ll actually get to see the releases faster.

That’s all for today.

10 Thoughts to “Holyland 83 & Sidonia 8”

  1. mo|ly

    holyland and sidonia! thanks lots!

  2. doubleblah

    Oh man more Holyland, I love you guys.

  3. Klamz

    2 Holy land releases in such a short time! <3 thx for the chapters!

  4. BeachedWhale

    Muscle Koala, I hope that's a recurring thing cause I love it.

  5. DamnedBones

    Thanks a lot for both releases.

  6. Ozan

    i love you guys

  7. oreft

    Thanks for Sidonia 😀 Glad to know you guys are still working on it.

  8. Ysellian

    Thanks for the releases 🙂

  9. Rob C

    Amazing – more holyland. Thanks!

  10. Love machine

    Amazing – more Sidonia. Thanks!

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