Bug On a Lion edition releases.

Okay so releases today:

Idiot Section Chief 03 (!Idiot03) – Newest chapter, download it on IRC.

Trigun Rising (!Rising) – A 30 page oneshot to celebrate the release of the Trigun movie. It was authored and drawn by Takeyama Yuusuke. It’s a short story that focuses on Rai of the Blade. There will be¬†three more¬†Trigun-related short stories to come out in the next two months. Two short stories by Nightow, the Trigun mangaka and a oneshot by Boichi. Assuming good raws are available and the kind people at www.raw-paradise.come don’t put those disgusting watermarks on them, we’ll be doing all three chapters.


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  1. heehee

    I don't like watermarks either, in the first place, those manga belong to the mangaka, not the scanlation group… Thanks for your work!

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