New releases, March 20th 2010 Edition


it’s been a little while since I’ve made a [relevant] news post…

Anyway, I’m tired as hell, don’t have much to say except give you the details of the releases.

Me & The Devil Blues ch17-28 [We’ve caught up to where it’s at in Japan] (!Devil17 !Devil18 !Devil19 !Devil20 !DevilV04) – This concludes volume 3 and we’re releasing the fourth volume in it’s intirety… Is that even a word? Fuck it, I don’t even care right now. Anyway. Now comes the problem… We don’t know if the series was put on hiatus by the author or was discontinued altogether. We’ve seen different answers from different sites; MU said it was on Hiatus until recently, where it changed the status to discontinued. If someone is hooked up to these kind of things and is willing to let us know, we’d be pretty happy. If it does continue one day and we’re still around, we’ll pick it back up. In the mean time, do yourselves and the mangaka a favor. Buy this fucking series. I know I have—Well technically I’ve bought the first book by Del Ray, I’ll be buying the second one shortly once I find it for sale here.

Shonan Jun’ai Gumi ch84 (!SJG84) – There was a small delay on SJG because the project leader, Kuthrow, had some real life issues to take care of before spending time on scanlations. Now that he’s back, you can expect 85 in a few days hopefully… Bad news is, the author of this poorly written post will have to get back to translating… Sigh. The author sheds a tear at the thought of more work.

Town of Evening Calm, Country of Cherry Blossoms (!Town) – Now I know what you’re thinking… This has already been scanlated by Kotonoha. That’s correct. Thing is, Dille had the book and wanted to scan it, so he did. This is the official release. Like with Me & The Devil Blues, do yourselves and the mangaka a favor by purchasing the official English volumes.

On an unrelated note… If there are some Europeans from Spain/Portugal reading this… I want to make a good paella for a family get together with my uncles & aunts in a few months (Early July), but the problem is 1) I don’t know the right spices & seafood for it 2) And I don’t know the proper way of making it! So if you think you can help me out, send me an email. Much appreciated.

Have a good one.

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  1. brb

    No one really knows for certain about Devil Blues. Most assume it is discontinued, but that doesn't mean it won't ever get picked up again. For example, Piano no Mori got discontinued in 98 when Young Magazine Uppers got pulled. But then 4 years later, Morning picked it up. Let's just hope Devil Blues will continue at one point, cause that ending to volume 4 is just a brutal way to end it.

  2. Myles

    omg thank you so much, Me and the Devil Blues is one of the greatest manga ever and I flip out whenever there is a new release. Hope so bad that this doesn't stay discontinued.

  3. mono

    thanks for the devil blues volumes 🙂 about your paella: i would say the seafood depends on what is available fresh in your area… any recipe you may find online is good, the principle is the same. make sure to use a paella rice. basically you must fry your onions, garlic etc first, add the rice and keep adding stock and simmering until it is plump and cooked through. do not stir it too much or it will become stodgey. the spice is typically saffron, but sometimes tumeric is used too (i use that) but they key in my opinion is FRESH CHICKEN STOCK- not instant. you can make it yourself by boiling a chicken carcass in a big pan (after you eaten most of the meat!), with some stock veg (Carrots, celery, turnip/parsnip and a couple onions), peppercorns and a bay leaf. boil itfor a good hour at least and skim off all the scum/ fat. dont forget to add enough water to cover it all (you will need a big pan). hope that helps 🙂

  4. Annon

    Devil Blues was on hiatus but was dropped by magazine due to prolonged lack of material. Someone will have to resurrect it. Most likely dead but may be resuscitated. also – entirety – is of course a word.

  5. Danish

    The reason MatDB hasn't had anything new past volume 4 is that the author was working on another manga. That manga (Chinless Gen and Me or something) actually finished back in September. Hopefully this means we'll see a volume 5 in the near future since I've heard the author releases an entire arc/volume at once. Anyway, I'm glad more people can read it. Volumes 3 and 4 are the most intense and enjoyable parts so far. More people should read this. Yes, buy it if you can! I bought both books from Del Rey like a year ago and it's one of my favorite manga I own.

  6. desperate

    …I want HOLYLAND!!

  7. Sensei

    hey folks! i'll utilize this comment page to make a question (and request XD), could illuminat-manga share the raws that you used scanlating REAL?

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