I feeeeellll deeeeeeaddddd

I feeeeelllll ssoooooo deeeeaaaddddd
Hard labor for almost no money and four meals over a 2 day period
I feel like a damn nigger right now

Took me a fucking hour to get dressed after showering.


So… Ummm… If some of you tried to contact me this weekend, sorry. I was helping my dad with renovations at his apartment. I should be around tomorrow afternoon.

20 Thoughts to “I feeeeellll deeeeeeaddddd”

  1. JBI

    Dude! Not a cool way to phrase it. 🙁

  2. omigawd

    This is Internets, not some school yard! Where is your political correctness? Use the big N.

  3. Slim

    At least he didn't say, "I feel like a damn black person right now"

  4. Perle

    How do we know he's not an african canadian who really feels damned to hell?

  5. Loki

    Shaddap you stupid niggers

  6. Metsudragon

    How about no?

  7. chaos

    wow…..all i can say is to eat a dick and die

  8. HeinrichFeck

    In germany we call people who comment on their condition like that a "Hurenspast".

  9. AnotherDay

    ^My NiggerDetector just went wild^

  10. not cool

    not cool!! :angry:

  11. urbitch

    Damn I would say you are trash! Good first impression you left on a newcomer. If you want to bitch about hard labor just ask ur mom I'm sure it's pretty hard to stand on the corner in thrift store heels to make five bucks and b blessed with a piece of shit like you.

  12. Mr.T

    Angry nigger above should learn some manners. Mr. T doesn't agree. http://youtube.com/watch?v=7_rBidCkJxo

  13. funny vid but

    While I agree with Mr. T about how momma shouldn't be brought into this. Also ignorant trolls that speak of manners shouldn't be throwing around racist words because it shows how stupid they really are. I was gonna ask if you still need translators for holyland. Now I will just enjoy it for myself. Some of you are decent human being but the racist jerks can go to hell.

  14. Nitouryu

    GGpX is a middle aged black man. 😉 Screw hard labor, do some scanlations. Sounds like a plan? P.S As an European I find the whole "nigger" word thing extremely hypocritically puzzling but well, each to their own, I guess. America and its mysterious ways. ;o

  15. Geez

    Some of you guys are REALLY tripping over yourselves trying to be politically correct. What about the word nigger in the context of its colloquial usage, or the characterization provided by popular culture? The word itself can describe a stereotype, in the same vein that say, the word redneck does. Pejorative, yes, but I don't know if it warrants as much outrage as you guys proffer. But wait I remember, it's okay if he's black and it's not okay if he's not. GET OUT THE PITCHFORKS. Blahblah, he's a piece of shit, blahblah troll, ignorant, some more big words. Sorry guys, I haven't been in the United States of Internet for a while, I almost forgot myself. BTW random guy, I was going to ask if you needed somebody to pull your head out of your ass every now and then, but I think I'll just go ahead and let you enjoy that. In the meantime, I guess I'll have fun in hell.

  16. GGpX

    @Geez Come on now, being reasonable is not the goal here… Didn't you get the memo? `-'

  17. Metsudragon

    @Geez: Actually, I'm black, and find it annoying when other black people say it, so why don't you pull your head out of your own ass instead of speaking in absolutes. There's just far worse things to be worried about, and I think we're becoming a little too "pc" in how we talk to people, so I don't loose sleep over it.

  18. Mondragon

    You say politically correct Fascisti Geez, I say avoiding gratuitous offence that only a moron would wish to give. Away back to your BNP.

  19. ccp

    @Nitouryu: Same. I try hard to understand them, but Americans still puzzle me 😛 My guess would be that they feel as guilty about segregation that we feel about the Holocaust, but still that doesn't justify that they always have to get so worked up over a damn WORD.

  20. Geez

    @Metsudragon To be honest, I don't see how I'm speaking in any absolutes. If you're going to deny that the consensus isn't how I described it, then you must live in a better part of the world than I do. Congratulations. I don't care whether you lose sleep over it, or whether you're black or purple or whatever. Good for you, but I live in a world where one person isn't representative of an entire ethnic group, despite being part of it. As always, it depends on the intent, and I doubt it was meant with much malice in this case. If you honestly believe the other people here would be as equally annoyed/upset when a black person says it, then you have something to stand on. I'd advise you to go turn on a radio. @Mondragon People are going to offend each other as it is, and being a step away from invoking Godwin's Law, of all things, doesn't invalidate what I have to say. What is truly ironic is, you say you would avoid gratuitous offence that only a moron would wish to give, but just before that you label me a Fascisti and follow through with the implication that I'm somehow a member of the BNP. From what I understand, it is difficult to practice what you preach, so whatever.

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