Some delays.

So yeah I said we’d have a volume release this weekend, this it won’t be happening.

Some of the staff are just really busy with real life stuff and can’t be around for now, myself included.

We’ll try to finish that volume soon-ish.

7 Thoughts to “Some delays.”

  1. Foxy

    Take your time! One week, or one month for your releases i will wait gladly.

  2. Xani

    We are after all somehow dependent on you, so we all should feel gratitude that you at least are trying to be as fast as possible 🙂 Don't worry, you can take your time. (But not too long :laughing: )

  3. Zamunda

    Hi all. I think this might sound strange, but is it possible for you to translate jojo part 4 (and then go back to part 3) and forward? Wow this is really strange coming from me considering that part 1 and 2 were the best parts, part 3 started the brokeness of the manga and i was VERY disappointed with the manga after part 2, but now that no else translates it i kinda miss it… I might ask too much, but it never hurts to ask. Especially on the net 😛

  4. Loki

    Sure, it never hurts to ask, because scanlators are always happily accepting half-assed requests to work on super long mangas.

  5. anti-kun

    *sniff*sniff* I smell some sarcasm in the air…

  6. Aiden

    Take your time you guys deserve a break 🙂

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