I feel so crushed.

So we had a nice release planned up for you guys tonight.

I watched a great hockey game between the Czechs and the Russians while making food this afternoon.

Then there was a rare Canadian athlete who didn’t completely choke and actually got a medal (wow!) today. And it was right before the Canada-USA hockey game, it was looking to be a great night.

…Until Team Canada fucking lost to the Yanks.


What a way to completely ruin the mood of the night. I don’t even feel that mad, I just feel fucking crushed. A real god damned downer.

So to the Americans reading, congrats on the win. To the Canadians reading, Brodeur is a fraud. And the faster you start understanding this concept, the faster you’ll understand that his career has been boosted by playing behind the most defensively stable franchise in NHL history. And no, he isn’t the reason behind it.



So the release is on as expected.

A La Carte part one, Kohrogi (!Kohrogi) – A La Carte is a volume containing Oneshots by Higuchi Daisuke, the mangaka of Whistle! among other things. There are four total stories.

Buddha Volume 02 (!Buddha2) – The story of Buddha continues. If you like this manga, support Vertical by buying it.

Me & The Devil Blues chapters 12-13 (!Devil12 !Devil13) – A series explaining the life of Robert Johnson.

Shonan Jun’ai Gumi chapter 83 (!SJG83) – New chapter of SJG. Umm… Not much to add, I guess.

The Push Man And Other Stories (!Pushman) – A collection of stories by the author of Good-bye and Abandon the Old in Tokyo, Tatsumi Yoshihiro.


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