Motherfuckin’ REAL.


Check the post below about needing a Holyland and Full Metal Panic translator because I’d sure like to continue working on those two series. We’re also still looking for more cleaners to increase the speed of the releases. If you’re interested in that, apply!

So we were supposed to release this yesterday, but delays came and so we’re releasing it today. REAL Volume 09 (!Real09 or !Real9) that includes chapters 49-54. We’ll see you next year when volume 10 goes for sale.

Also, remember, thanks to the cleaners and typesetters who applied, we’ll have a new volume of something else this weekend. Stay tuned!

8 Thoughts to “Motherfuckin’ REAL.”

  1. Loki

    Wheelchair basketball, pffft…

  2. Darky

    😀 Thanks for Real. A great manga with a great scanlation. ==> Thanks a lot!

  3. Liquify

    Thank you for this awesome REAL update. Been meaning to read volume 9 for a long time. =)

  4. June

    Thank you so much for your hard work on Real! Yay! /fangirl squee

  5. signorRossi

    Awesome! Thanks!

  6. qwerty

    *Patiently waiting for Full Metal Panic: Sigma* Too bad I don't know Japanese

  7. QHan

    Thank you for Real.

  8. Eszter

    Thank you for REAL! :laughing:

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