Releases, January 7th 2010

Okay, three chapters today, two of them being oneshots. They were originally planned to be released with the New Years’s Eve pack, but didn’t make it and I was lazy as all hell this week to work on them. Too much time spent scanning stuff like FMP, Partner, Koukou Tough, Garou Den, and uh… what else did I scan anyway… Oh well, can’t remember.

Hakui no Kanojo (The Girl in White Robes) is a short oneshot by Hisaka Mika. I really like this mangaka. She’s really good. Not enough for her stuff has been scanlated, imo, but oh well. Such is life. Not nearly enough of Saruwatari Tetsuya’s stuff has been scanlated either, but I’m working on it! Anyway, big thank you to Unproductive for translating this for us. Trigger is !Hakui

Priscilla (Oneshot by the artist of Yuria 100 Shiki) is something that got us sorta confused. This is definitely a oneshot, however, there is a chapter following this that came out a few days ago. Thing is, we originally picked this up because it was a fun little thing we could do when bored. If the next few chapters aren’t any better than ch2, because ch2 is kinda bad, then we’ll stop right here. If they get better, then we’ll continue scanlating it. So for now, consider this a oneshot form us. Trigger is !Priscilla

Sengoku chapter 20. This is beginning of Volume 03. I don’t really have much to say, to be honest… Big thank you to l0ki for applying to the group because he wanted to help out. He did the full Editing job, and did a pretty good job on it too. So big props to him.

Maybe if you’re lucky you’ll get a release or two over the weekend, depending on how much I want to scan…

See you.

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  2. daisuke

    for team Thanks for sengoku release

  3. Loki

    Yeah people, apply and be as awesome as I am.

  4. darky

    Thank you so much! You guys released not only such an awesome manga like Holyland, but a lot more. Therefore thank you so much for Sengoku, Holyland, FMP Sigma and all the other gorgeous releases.

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  6. AQZT

    Just wondering (Not trying to push), but how far are you with Holyland 72?

  7. Nitouryu

    1 page redraw holds back, brah. That and I have uni exams to take care of first.

  8. CHIBI209

    can u post this manga at MANGA TOSHOKAN cuz i feels the need 2 read this 😉 basically b-cuz its same creators of YURIA SHIKI 100

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