We need a proofreader.


I’ll spare you the annoyingly long post.

We need a proofreader, among other things, but I’m tired of not having someone to proofread the scripts for our translators.

So, qualifications:

-You use IRC and are easy to get a hold of.
Preferably experienced, with some idea how scanlations work.

So if this works for you, PM me on IRC. (Either¬†GGpX, GGpX-Sleep, GGpX-Away or GGpX-Scanning¬†depending on what I’m doing.) If I am not around, idle on irc as long as you can and I’ll get back to you. If I’m still not back, leave me your email and come look for me the day after.


2 Thoughts to “We need a proofreader.”

  1. Fabian920

    If you don't find anyone else I would gladly proofread. I am far from an 'experienced' person but for the group that translates Saru Lock I would love to help.

  2. Clay

    what does proofreading entail exactly? just pre reading the translations?

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