New Years Eve Release

Okay, so we’re New Years eve, and since I promised another release before New Years day, here it is!

I’d like to say before that we need some staff. Cleaners mostly. So if you want to help us in 2010, please apply.

So we’ve released the following:

Battle Royale 2 ch16 (!BR16 or !Battle16) A new chapter of Battle Royale 2. Nothing else to add, really.

Good-bye by Tatsumi Yoshihiro (!GoodBye or !GoodB) Another volume scanned by Dille. You should really read this, it’s awesome. And if you liked it, consider purchasing it to support the company that licenses the manga for US distribution.

Holyland ch71 (!HL71 or !Holy71) Newest chapter of Holyland. Hopefully ch72 won’t take too long to do.

Homunculus Volume 10 (!Homun10 or !Hom10) Homunculus Volume 10 marks our 1,000th chapter released. Volume 10 ends the current arc, onwards to the final part of Homunculus!

The Strongest Legend (!Legend or !TheLeg) This is a 6-page Oneshot by Tohru Fujisawa, the GTO mangaka. This was at the request of Lordof, who’s done a lot of stuff for us even though he has his own group to run.

We had other things we wanted to release today, but we didn’t finish them. Some other time then.

Now for series info heading into 2010.

Battle Royale 2: We’ll finish the series this year. Guaranteed.

Boku to Issho: Joint with MangaScreener, this is Nitouryu’s project. We’ve fully translated the final two volumes. We hope to finish the series before the end of the year.

Full Metal Panic Sigma: I need a translator & a cleaner. I’ve already bought volumes 6-10, but I don’t have any staff to work on it. So unless we get a translator application for the series, there won’t be any new chapters for a while.

Holyland: We have trans up to chapter 73, but the delays come from the editing because the editing isn’t easy. If we get constant translation, there will be constant scanlations.

Homunculus: Bought volume 11 this week, will be shipped to me sometime next week.

Jackals: The new translator who applied to translate it has suddenly gone MIA. We have chapter 17 translated, but after that… Who knows.

Koukou Tekken-den Tough: I’ll be taking a little break from this to focus on other series. Don’t know when I’ll restart working on it.

Mephisto: The translator & Nitouryu are both busy with other series atm. Hoping to restart scanlating it soon.

My Street: Need a translator.

REAL: I finished scanning Volume 9 a few days ago, so we should get to work on it soon. No translation as of just yet.

Saru Lock We haven’t had a release in a while because the redraws just destroy all the motivation of most of our editors. With the effort and time they put in to one chapter of Saru Lock alone, they could clean a full volume of Homunculus (Which is basically what happened).

Sekai no Longname: Most likely dropped since Kotonoha finished scanlating it already. Might do another chapter if the translator has some leftover scripts, though.

Sengoku: Need an Editor…

Shonan Jun’ai Gumi: Once we have scans of volume 9, we’ll continue scanlating it. And no, I don’t particularly care that Shitty Irrelevant Group #758389 has picked it up. They’re just that, a shitty and irrelevant group.

Sidonia no Kishi: Volume 1 is in the mail, and we’re waiting on translations for ch8-9 to scanlate them.

What a Wonderful World The translator is busy.

What the future holds: We’re working on two oneshots at the moment, should be released soon. Unfortunately for you, there are new projects on the horizon.

As for our goal this year… Hmmm… We’re at 1,008 releases atm… I don’t have any particular goal for this year. Let’s just hope we’re alive and well by the end of 2010. And that Team Canada wins gold at the Olympic Hockey Tournament.

See you later.

32 Thoughts to “New Years Eve Release”

  1. fdsfds

    new holyland oh god IM SO EXCITED!

  2. theAntagonist

    HUZZAH! #1000 is Homunculus!!! Quite fitting. Also, the Tatsumi Yoshihiro book is magnificent! I actually have the Drawn And Quarterly releases of all his books, and this one is one of many great works. Cheers, tA

  3. signorRossi

    Holyland. Thanks for the present! 🙂

  4. Aiden

    Thanks for the holyland! Made my new years so much more enjoyable!

  5. DamnedBones

    Thanks a lot for Homunculus, I've been impatiently awaiting the release of the 10th volume.

  6. TiskTisk

    Thanks for another great episode, exactly what I need to end 2009'… now eagerly awaiting the conclusion of this fight!!!

  7. poison

    Thanks alot for the Holyland chapter. Its a pity about Saru Lock though, as I was hoping to get atleast one chapter of Saru Lock as a New Year's or Christmas Gift, However, I am not complaining as I am just a leecher but it would be cool if I could help out. 🙂 Cant you just ditch the redraws and write stuff over the existing letters? :tongue: Kidding, I know that you guys would never do that as you guys stress on quality

  8. dark mage

    Thanks alot for the Holyland 🙂

  9. Noone

    Thanks so much for Holyland! We appreciate your effort!

  10. signorRossi

    Oh, more 'Real' in the works too! Your group has one of the best project selection around!

  11. JBI

    Thanks for all your efforts… but re Koukou Tekken-den Tough: :wassat: Am disappointed it will be on definite hiatus. Really enjoy it

  12. LC

    Thanks a lot for the Holyland chapter! Looking forward to more =D

  13. Varg

    I've been waiting for the vol 10 of Homunculus for soo long… And now it's finally here…you guys are awesome XD ….thank you soo much ^_^

  14. coolpuprocks

    congrats on all your hard work this year.

  15. KB

    I'm really looking forward to REAL volume 9. You guys are the best.

  16. Newl

    You guys are the best! Thanks a lot for Holyland and Koukou Tekken-den Tough!

  17. Loki

    Fuck those fucking redraws fuck fuck fuck

  18. randomname

    Wow what a massive update on Holyland (including vol.7 a few days ago)! Thank you guys, great editing work. Keep it up! PS. Also Battle Royale 2 looks interesting, although weird.

  19. L'Ange Curieux

    T'aime tailler des pipes GGPX?

  20. ManMan

    Huh? how come my comment got deleted?

  21. CuriousAngel

    We living under a dictatorship. Now Shut up! That comment and this one will be getting deleted soon. Just like Illuminati is gonna get /b/'d =D

  22. Nitouryu

    Please, I'd like to ask people with excess flaming energy to go somewhere else. I haven't nor I will tolerate any kind of flaming or bashing towards group/staff/mangas in Comments section. I'm sorry if some of you feel irritated or bothered by the free things we provide to you on the account of our own free time. Ignorance must be a bliss. Here, have some Wine Coolers.

  23. Lala

    What a Wonderful World: Wouldn't it be easier to just _buy_ the VIZ releases and scan those? It's much faster and you might even get a decent translations. While you're at it, please "scanlate" Gogo Monster, too! 🙂

  24. slashdragon

    New Holyland is BEST NEW YEAR'S GIFT EVER! Wish you all a Happy New Year and more power to Illuminati Manga!!!

  25. GGpX

    @Lala It [b]would[/b] be easier, but I don't really want to debind & scan my Viz version. Plus, I've edited to ch16 or something around there, so I'll just scanlate it normally. If people really want to read it, they'll buy it. If not, they can wait.

  26. Sasaki

    Hello Ggpx, i'm somebody who really would like to help illuminati-manga, I love Real, Saru Lock and Holyland, i'm really good at redrawings and typesetting (though i don't have so much freetime and don't use irc often, something like 5 hours week, but IMO it's enought to clean a chapter more depending the cleanings or 3-4 chapters if is only typesetting), if you want my help send me an email with a test or what i have to do to help.

  27. GGpX

    @Sasaki I forwarded your message to Nitouryu (Who posted above) since he takes care of just about all of the Editor-related stuff. He's sleeping atm, but he'll probably send you an email tomorrow. Thanks.

  28. Sasaki

    i'm looking forward to it. 😉

  29. Seraimes

    Thank you so much for the awesome releases!!!!! You guys rock!!!

  30. xstrike9999

    Please dont stop working on TOUGH. Its a great manga series. I'm sure that all of us would like you to continue on that series instead of starting on new ones.

  31. Overt

    It's amazing you guys are doing Sidonia no Kishi, the scifi masterpiece of this decade!! Please be sure to advise on this site if you ever plan to drop it, as I'm waiting very eagerly for it!

  32. MissyMunchkin

    Hi, I've been looking around for scanlations of FMP!: Sigma for awhile, and I'd be more than willing to help with the cleaning since my Photoshop skills are excellent. I can't translate Japanese though so… if you can find a translator we'd be set. Here… my email is sybaritic_aeolian @

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