New releases, finally ugh.

So we’ve finally restarted releasing stuff.

Yesterday, Holyland 46 (!Holy46) was released.

Today, we’re releasing Saru Lock 29 (!Saru29) which concludes volume 3. We’re now starting the epic volume 4, which includes a lot of great moments, and a few epic doubles. (Need Editors.)

We’re also doing a new project, What a Wonderful World by Asano Inio. If you haven’t checked out his works, stop and go now. One title in particular, Nijigaraha Holograph. If you’re an idiot, don’t bother reading it. You won’t understand it. We’ve released chapter 12 (!WaWW12), where Kotonoha has left off. It’s essentially a solo project me and njt wanted to do. We’ll also be doing a bunch of other Asano Inio stuff over the next few months, so enjoy.

Still recruiting staff for just about all positions, apply on the forums.

Have a good one.

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