Looking for competent QCers. (And various other staff)

So, I’ll keep it short and sweet.

A lot of us in the group are pretty busy multitude of real life things, mostly school-related. (Which is why we haven’t had many releases lately) The three main Editors, antifon Nitouryu & Zenquibo are all focusing on their school work. We have a few Editors who work “part-time”, though. We have no active proofreaders, with one semi-active proofreader (<3 mangatake). Translations aren’t really a problem, because 1) Molokidan rocks and 2) I rock. `-‘). We’re okay in terms of typesetters too, I suppose.

This group has a total of two (2) [real] active QCers, Digital_Eon & Kuthrow. Digital_Eon is busy hunting a rich loli boyfriend who looks like the D. Gray-man protagonist (To which I fit none of the criterias, sigh). Kuthrow is just busy with editing ID & other stuff for k-manga.

We have a logjam of stuff waiting at QC, including:

-Koukou Tekken-den Tough 21 (+22 soon)
-Riki-Oh Volume 11
-Holyland Chapter 46
-A few Sengoku chapters
-Some Full Metal Panic Sigma chapters.
-A volume from a series we haven’t released in a long time. (It’s a secret).

So, we need QCers to make the releases happen. If you’d like to apply at other positions, that’s fine too… Just that we’re in a bigger need for QCers than other positions.

If you’re interested in making the releases come out faster, apply.

Mind you, if you do apply, you’ll need to take the application test & be active on IRC.

Thanks, have a good one.

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  1. Xip

    Maybe if you showed up on msn I'd be able to help. I'm almost never on IRC anymore cause my work blocks all the ports but msn works fine.

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