New releases, finally ugh. (Part 802)


Me again.

I have one thing to add re: our previous releases.

I added Kotonoha’s What a Wonderful World volume 1 (!WaWW1) & volume 2 chapters 10-11 (!WaWW10) on the bot for those of you who want to try the series out.

Now, on to releases this time!

I’m so happy to have QCers. Thank you to dxInt (New member) and Digital_Eon (Whom I had to drag onto IRC, kicking and screaming) for QCing our releases this week.

Koukou Tekken-den Tough 21 (!Tough21) Hopefully we’ll be having more releases soon. I wish we could have one stable Editor for the series, so I don’t have to do the (half-assed) editing myself.

Mephisto 11 (!Mep11) And this concludes volume 1. We’ll be making a volume pack ~2 weeks from now. Nitouryu will start working on volume 2 chapters once he’s not so busy with school.

Riki-Oh Volume 11 (Chapters 65-68 + Kirinji Oneshot) (!Riki11) Welp, the before-to-last volume. Leaves you on a pretty nice cliffhanger, too. We’ll (hopefully) have Riki-Oh volume 12 out sooner rather than later. We also made a volume pack of Riki-Oh Volume 10 (!Riki10) for you to download.

Sidonia no Kishi (!Sido2) Newest chapter of Nihei Tsutomu’s manga in Kodansha’s Afternoon magazine. Like I said on the first chapter we released, we’re not aiming for great looking scanlations with the magazine releases. We’re just not interested (or have the resources) to make perfect looking cleans out of magazine pages. We’ll redo them when the tankobon comes out for a better looking scan.

We’ve now released 802 chapters with all of this, not including v2’s and re-packs of volumes.

As always, we’re looking for staff. The more staff (Editors) we get, the sooner we can release more mangas.

Anyway, have a good one.

5 Thoughts to “New releases, finally ugh. (Part 802)”

  1. zamunda

    Wow great stuff. I enjoyed Riki-Oh (can't wait for the final), the pilot guy was hilarious. Did they say that the whale was jerking in the original mnaga :D? Wow the one shot manga with the kid and the grandpa was fucking amazing, really entertaining 😀 haha

  2. abernaith

    Hi. Just wanted to say that you've done great work with Holyland and I hope you keep it up! From what I've researched of its fanbase, I gather it's…not as strong as it can be. But, hang in there! I've just discovered the manga, and if not for your scans, I wouldn't have known how awesome it is. For what it's worth, THANKS! :laughing:

  3. powerman

    Thanx for new Riki-Oh and especially for new Tough. Maybe this will come out a little bit faster after Riki-Oh is finished 😉 Nevertheless, thanx for doing all these amazing series.

  4. holyfan

    thank u sooo much i have been a HUGE fan of holyland since last year and think its an amazing manga. and i know without u guys we wount be able to read it. i know im being selfish and u are short on staff but could u please add more quicker holyland it would be truly apriciated thank u again 🙂

  5. RIKI-OH!


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