Dragon Head


Today I’d like to announce that we’re releasing Dragon Head 89 (!DH89) and that is the final chapter of Dragon Head. I hope all twenty of you how actually read the series enjoyed it, because I know I did.

After a lot of delays with real life, online life, and a bunch of other things (We had planned to try to finish this in April, a pretty long time ago), we, along with the people in Null and Blackout, finally completed our second project together. Hopefully we can hook up for something else in the future. A big thanks to vensu, Rheso, Protected, lambchopsil, and everyone else that worked on the DH project over the last two years.

(We’re still recruiting. Apply!)

11 Thoughts to “Dragon Head”

  1. Wizzle

    Thank You for finishing the project. DH has been in my ongoing list and now finally another one done. Really appreciate this. 🙂

  2. Mickey

    Wow I'm surprised it ended. Thanks for finishing it.

  3. max

    Thank's a lot. Always enjoyed reading it. I am a bit sad that is over now 🙁

  4. JubeiD

    AWESOOOOOOME! thanks guys i love the series and i love the work you guys put into it. You guys did a professional level job on a series that doesn't look like it is all that easy at times. I hope you guys can keep it up with all your other projects like you have so far!

  5. imhateMECHA

    "You guys did a professional level job on a series that doesn't look like it is all that easy at times. " no Tokyopop did a professional level job on this series :tongue: :tongue:

  6. tramps

    I was reading this back when it was being scanlated years ago and then there was that huge drought. I thought to myself "I'll just wait till they finish up before I dig into this again" and that's exactly what I'm gonna do.

  7. antifon

    @imhateMECHA: well, actually, tokyopop kinda fail with most of the series they do… dunno how's the situation with Dragon Head though, but… judging by their other work… they suck.

  8. imhateMECHA

    @antifon 😀 u can say the same for illuminati-manga how many tokyo pop releases have u read or are u just saying that cause other people say that

  9. antifon

    we fail with our releases? fail @ what? translation? cleaning? what? we never said we were pro's and don't pretend to be ones, but that doesn't mean we fail… and as for tokyopop, I haven't read a lot of their series just because I read a couple and compared them to scanlatiors' versions… I can say for sure that Rozen Maiden, Karin & Chobits; and talking about other people saying something… well I just asked one of the best proofers I know and that's what he said: "it would be easier to tell you which projects DON'T suck…" So it's not just me :] okay, I admit that I shouldn't have said "most of their series",because i din't read that much, but…meh .-.

  10. Digital_Eon

    Have you ever been unable to read a series because Tokyopop has done such a shitty job on it? Yeah, don't talk to us about "professional quality". If they do professional quality, we do better than that.

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